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July 2012

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Strategies to Reduce Logistics Costs in the CPG Supply Chain

Offered By: Kane Is Able
How is your CPG company responding to the pressure to minimize operational costs? With incremental improvements to existing distribution processes? Or are you exploring logistics strategies that alter current processes and the way you work with retail customers? A mix of both is optimal, with new strategies offering the best potential for breakthrough gains and cost savings. A new whitepaper from Kane Is Able suggests five strategies for CPG manufacturers to consider. Some new, some tried and true.

Top Business Drivers for Integrated Logistics Outsourcing

Offered By: Saddle Creek Logistics Services
Today, more and more companies are asking their logistics partners to provide services beyond transportation and warehousing. They're discovering that tapping a single provider for a variety of value-added services can help them control costs, accommodate business fluctuations, and streamline operations. Saddle Creek Logistics Services’ new research-based report examines the broader role that 3PLs are being asked to play in today’s marketplace.

Retailers’ Supply Chains Can Thrive with a Product Lifecycle Logistics Approach

Offered By: GENCO ATC
Increasingly, vendors don’t want store returns back, and are placing the burden on retailers. This trend is changing the way retailers manage the back end of their supply chains. Product Lifecycle Logistics is an approach that treats product movement as one continuous inventory stream designed to reduce supply chain costs an average of 10 to 20 percent.

Integrating Routing Software With Your Business Process Workflow

Offered By: TMW Systems
Why are you really looking at routing software? Are you trying to reduce costs, cut the time it takes to create routes, or give better service to your customers? Are you growing and need help to handle the increased volume? Before you begin to look for a solution, make sure you have your business goals defined and agreement on them within your organization. TMW Systems has a solution that will help you integrate routing software into your workflow.

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