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July 2013

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Reduce LTL Costs with Collaborative Freight Strategies

Offered By: Kane is Able
For smaller shippers, there are alternatives to the higher cost and unpredictable schedules of LTL carriers. A new KANE whitepaper, LTL Secrets Revealed, explores some of these collaborative freight strategies, including pool distribution and retail consolidation. It also shares some secrets that LTL carriers don’t want you to know, such as how legacy costs inflate their rates and how shipments can take longer than you’d expect. Read this KANE whitepaper.

C-TPAT Membership: Is It Right For You?

Offered By: Weber Logistics
More and more importers are joining the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)—a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. But is it right for you? This Weber Logistics Insight explains the origins of C-TPAT and the benefits to shippers of becoming C-TPAT compliant, including reducing inspections on inbound cargo and avoiding related delays. Read this Weber Logistics Insight.

Out with the Old—In with the New! Managing Inbound Freight Fuels Greater Efficiencies

Offered By: enVista
Need to reduce transportation costs? Inbound transportation is an area rich with opportunity. In this whitepaper from enVista, you will learn how Transportation Management Systems have evolved to better address expanding inbound requirements, and ways to reduce your transportation spend.

The Management Guide to Integrating Routing Software with Your Business Process Workflow

Offered By: TMW Systems
Effective routing software gives you tools to do more than just create routes; it helps you analyze and improve the way you do business. Routing software can also help lower costs while improving service to your customers. Make sure you choose a solution that has both the tools and the technical support to help you optimize the operation of your fleet of vehicles.

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