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August 2010

Freight Management Today: More Freight, Fewer Trucks and Drivers

Offered By: PLS Logistics Services
Freight volumes rising. A market with diminished capacity. These factors have created a dangerous imbalance to which shippers have been slow to respond. Learn the steps you can take now to manage freight requirements during this capacity crunch to avoid supply chain disruptions and protect your market share. PLS' new whitepaper reveals:
  • The capacity crunch – how we got here.
  • How are shippers reacting to clear signs of a capacity shortage.
  • Strategies you can use to lock in capacity at reasonable rates.
Maximize Uptime and Profits Through Effective Fleet Management Practices

Offered By: Yale
Proper maintenance and efficient fleet management programs can do wonders for your bottom line. Find out how to make your lift truck fleet work harder for you with Yale's fleet management whitepaper.

Inventory Management Pitfalls: 8 Reasons Why You Should Kiss Excel Good-Bye

Offered By: 3PL Central
Written specifically for 3PLs, this free whitepaper details the eight reasons why managing inventory on spreadsheets is limiting your profits and business growth. Learn why even smaller/simpler warehouse operations will run into issues managing inventory on spreadsheets. Download the "Inventory Management Pitfalls: 8 Reasons Why You Should Kiss Excel Good-Bye" whitepaper and start growing your 3PL warehousing business today.

Nine Telltale Signs You Should Replace Your Current WMS

Offered By: High Jump
Is an inflexible or legacy warehouse management system (WMS) putting your business at risk? You rely on a warehouse management systems to maintain ongoing operations, support changing customer requirements, keep up with new industry regulations, and simply get product out the door on a daily basis. What happens when you're no longer able to get the job done? In this new industry report, "Nine Telltale Signs You Should Replace Your Current WMS," you'll learn to analyze the operational factors influenced by your WMS — and find out whether your system is constraining your company's growth and global reach.

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