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August 2013

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The ROI of Automating Trade Compliance

Offered By: Amber Road
While many organizations see trade compliance as a cost of doing business, companies that automate their trade compliance program can realize productivity savings of up to 90 percent. Amber Road’s whitepaper, The ROI of Automating Trade Compliance, examines how automating compliance processes can yield a notable return on investment, while also addressing the key challenges compliance professionals face on a daily basis.

Choosing a 3PL for Food Product Distribution: 5 Critical Areas to Evaluate

Offered By: Weber Logistics
You know the perils of food logistics. Let your guard down, and a truckload of perishables turns into an unsellable mess. Or you get stuck with racks full of canned goods nearing their sell-by date. The right 3PL can help you avoid those pitfalls, while cutting your costs and keeping you compliant with relevant government regulations. How do you know which 3PL to trust with your food shipments? Here are five essential questions every food shipper should ask. Download the paper.

Developing a Roadmap Toward Global Vehicle Platform and Supply Chain Harmonization

Offered By: UTi Worldwide
The 2008 global recession fundamentally changed the way automotive OEMs design, source, build, and sell vehicles. Accelerating consumer demand for new models and the adoption of global platform strategies requires greater collaboration among OEM partners deeper in the supply chain. Download UTi Worldwide’s whitepaper now.

Five Warning Signs of an Inefficient Fleet — and How to Avoid Them

Offered By: TMW Systems
A fleet operation is inefficient whenever vehicle capacity goes unused, when vehicles put on more miles than necessary, and when drivers sit at the wheel instead of serving customer needs because of poor scheduling and inefficient routes. If you know what to look for, there are five warning signs of fleet inefficiency that can also point to cost savings and productivity opportunities.

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