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October 2013

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Don’t Just Report on Vendor Non-Compliance, Minimize It

Offered By: enVista
Improved vendor management offers several important implications to your business, including: improved customer service, minimized lost sales and significantly increased profits. In this whitepaper from enVista, you’ll learn how to develop strategic vendor management programs to achieve significant cost savings and ways to effectively mitigate vendor non-compliance activity before it happens.

How To Reduce Retail Chargebacks In Your Vendor Compliance Program

Offered By: Weber Logistics
Retailer chargeback fines for non-compliant shipments are a profit-draining reality. But retail suppliers with the will and the resources to prevent and refute chargebacks can avoid hundreds of thousands in lost profit. This Weber Logistics Insight provides background on the origins and rationale for chargebacks, followed by a seven-step process for avoiding or overturning these costly penalties. Read this Weber Logistics Insight.

Can JIT and Global Sourcing Strategies Co-exist? Understanding the Transformational Power of Cloud-based Supply Chain Visibility in Global Manufacturing

Offered By: GT Nexus
Just-in-time inventory strategies are at odds with global sourcing, but the two can coexist with the right technology. A cloud-based supply chain platform can mitigate the risk of sourcing globally without weighing down the supply chain with excess inventory and costs. Learn how cloud can:
  • Reduce buffer stock with in-transit visibility
  • Reallocate to meet changing demand requirements
  • Avoid hidden costs along the supply chain route
  • Reduce emergency expediting costs

The Management Guide to Making a Routing Software Decision

Offered By: TMW Systems
Routing software technologies really do work. They lower costs and improve the service levels you offer your customers, while bringing practical and efficient planning solutions to your fleet operations. The keys to making a successful software decision include approaching it as a powerful business improvement benefit — not just a way to replace or reduce staff.

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