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November 2010

Ten Best Practices for Motor Freight Optimization

Offered By: LMS
These proven freight optimization tactics will help you reduce transportation costs and increase asset utilization without compromising service to your customers. This comprehensive, how-to whitepaper details the best practices for optimizing your motor freight operations. Learn how to best control costs and service—regardless of market conditions.

Corporate Responsibility: Operating in the Green

Offered By: Yale
Environmentally responsible practices can make your operation greener in more ways than one. Find out how saving the environment can also help you save money in this Yale white paper.

3PL Warehouse Guide: 7 Essentials for Supporting eCommerce Fulfillment

Offered By: 3PL Central
Get ready for the holidays! As a 3PL warehouse, you cannot afford to ignore the significant growth opportunities doing eCommerce fulfillment. Whether you already handle fulfillment or are looking to expand your warehousing services, this 3PL Warehouse Guide covers the seven essential functions needed to support eCommerce fulfillment.Download this free whitepaper for insight on must-have capabilities all 3PL warehouses need to support eCommerce fulfillment.

Building Your Export Business: Global Trade Compliance, Content, and Connectivity

Offered By: Kewill
This whitepaper, authored by Beth Peterson of BPE Inc, discusses the challenges facing exporters as they attempt to comply with export regulations in the United States and globally. The report provides examples of how leading exporters are overcoming these challenges by effectively using compliance automation to reduce the multitude of risks surrounding international trade. Learn how to quantify, control, and leverage global trade activities for the benefit of the entire company, and how to develop a competitive advantage by turning export controls responsibility and associated burden into an opportunity.

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