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November 2011

Aberdeen Group: Supply Chain Visibility Excellence—Fostering Security, Resiliency, and Efficiency

Offered By: Amber Road
This new report from Aberdeen Group focuses on gaining visibility into critical elements across the end-to-end logistics network for improving cost and service. Additionally, it takes a look at how best-in-class companies are streamlining their supply chains.

Creating a Distribution Powerhouse: Why Rapid Deployment Matters

Offered By: Kiva Systems
Create a distribution powerhouse with Kiva Systems! The speed to deploy material handling, add capacity, and change operations is critical for long-term success. Fast system deployment can be the difference between kicking the competition out of the water and limiting your growth. Read about Kiva Systems’ way to rapid deployment, then make the right automation decision for your business!

Improving Customer and Driver Satisfaction with Mobile Technology

Offered By: Panasonic Solutions Company
Labatt Food Service is a San Antonio, Texas-based distributor of food and food-related products to restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The company is widely recognized in the food service distribution industry as an innovative, customer-focused and high-energy leader. In 2008, Labatt decided to use technology to improve driver satisfaction and delivery efficiency. After exhaustive research, the company selected the Panasonic Toughbook® U1 running on the AT&T mobile broadband network as their solution. Since adopting the solution, Labatt has seen process efficiency improvements and a reduction in fuel consumption. And, driver turnover has been cut in half.

Lean Guiding Principles for the Supply Chain—Principle 5: Continuous Improvement

Offered By: Ryder
Ryder’s Lean Guiding Principles are the foundation for operational excellence in all its customers’ warehouses. Principle 5 is Continuous Improvement: small incremental, ongoing changes that combine to deliver significant gains in quality and efficiency. The stream of continuous improvements creates a powerful and constant force, promoting high performance throughout a facility and producing tremendous employee pride. Learn more here.

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