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November 2013

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Transforming U.S. Trade

Offered By: Geodis Wilson
When it comes to global economic competitiveness, the United States is not as strong as it once was. To help mitigate this trend, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has made transforming customs procedures to better align with modern business practices a priority. The Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEEs) are an integral part of those efforts. This whitepaper examines what the CEEs mean for importers and brokers, what changes they can expect, and how the CEEs might enable more streamlined and efficient customs processes in the future.

Optimizing Distribution Networks for a Competitive Advantage

Offered By: Saddle Creek
Today, more and more companies are finding value in optimizing their distribution network. By taking a strategic approach to network configuration, they are improving service levels, better managing their inventory, and reducing transportation costs. Less demanding in terms of infrastructure, systems, cost, and time than full-scale supply chain optimization, this targeted approach delivers remarkable results. Download this new report for a closer look at how distribution network configuration can impact supply chain effectiveness.

Five Warning Signs of an Inefficient Fleet—and How to Avoid Them

Offered By: TMW Systems
A fleet operation is inefficient whenever vehicle capacity goes unused, when vehicles put on more miles than necessary, and when drivers sit at the wheel instead of serving customer needs because of poor scheduling and inefficient routes. If you know what to look for, there are five warning signs of fleet inefficiency that can also point to cost savings and productivity opportunities. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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