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December 2010

Exploring the SaaS Model

Offered By: LMS
Today's lean-and-mean logistics market is embracing Web-based transportation management systems (TMS) that do not entail hefty upfront costs or cumbersome implementations. This comprehensive paper examines these on-demand/ASP/SaaS models, addresses system concerns, and provides a checklist for companies that are shopping for a Web-based TMS package.

Reverse Lifecycle Management: ROI Model for Reverse Logistics

Offered By: Kewill
Kewill's latest whitepaper examines the potential financial returns that may be achieved through the implementation of a Reverse Lifecycle Management (RLM) solution. The paper highlights major areas for further exploration and financial analysis within the reverse logistics supply chain. Also provided is an embedded ROI model that is based on collective experience working with clients and customers. The whitepaper is authored by Michael Blumberg, President of Blumberg Advisory Group, and Bob Leeds, Global Product Manager for Reverse Logistics at Kewill.

3PL Warehouse Guide: 7 Essentials for Supporting eCommerce Fulfillment

Offered By: 3PL Central
Were you ready this holiday season? As a 3PL warehouse, you cannot afford to ignore the significant growth opportunities doing eCommerce fulfillment. Whether you already handle fulfillment or are looking to expand your warehousing services, this 3PL Warehouse Guide covers the seven essential functions needed to support eCommerce fulfillment. Download this free whitepaper for insight on must-have capabilities all 3PL warehouses need to support eCommerce fulfillment.

Driving to be Green: Sustainability in the Transportation Industry

Offered By: Werner Enterprises
Werner Enterprises is dedicated to utilizing technology to improve efficiency and sustain the environment. However, investing in green initiatives is challenging because large capital investments are often required. Learn more about overcoming these challenges and analyzing the effectiveness of green initiative strategies and solutions in Werner Enterprises' whitepaper, Driving to be Green: Sustainability in the Transportation Industry.

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