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December 2013

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Managing Global Trade: Rising Importance but Lagging Execution

Offered By: Amber Road
SCM World surveyed 114 senior supply chain leaders to better understand challenges related to supply chain and regulatory compliance. Download this report to learn the most effective strategies for solving these global trade challenges.

Overcoming the Frontline Talent Crisis in Logistics

Offered By: Kronos
How can you bring your hiring practices to a higher level? Do you have the qualified, skilled, and safety-minded employees to meet all your operational demands? And how do your current hiring strategies help you to do so? When it comes to your frontline talent, these questions demand answers. And fast. Find them by downloading the whitepaper, Overcoming the Frontline Talent Crisis in Logistics. It outlines how the overall quality and performance of your logistics operations hinges on your strategy for identifying and hiring the right frontline employees with the right skills — right now.

10 Best Practices for Running a Leaner, Greener Transportation Network

Offered By: Ryder
Organizations wrestling with rising transportation costs; supply chain inefficiencies; complex routes with multiple stops; or the daily challenges of managing carriers, plants, and competitive lanes are looking for better transportation alternatives. What is one of the best ways to achieve a more effective transportation network? Integrating lean practices into every aspect of transporting goods. To learn the 10 best practices associated with building and running a lean transportation network, download here.

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