Case Studies

Chris Osen: Leading From the Center

Pick up a frozen pizza, moisturizer, or weekly planner, and you may well be holding a product from MeadWestvaco (MWV). Formed in 2002 by the merger of the Mead Company and Westvaco Corp., MWV provides packaging solutions for leading brands in health care, personal care, food and beverage, media and entertainment, and many other industries. […]

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Gabriel Alcazar: He’s Got His Job Down Cold

When you tinker with a job that workers have been doing the same way for years, someone’s bound to get upset. “Change management has always been one of the biggest challenges I have faced,” says Gabriel Alcazar, supply chain manager at Sub-Zero Freezer Company in Phoenix, Ariz. Consider what happened when Alcazar’s team introduced a […]

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Beth Ford : A Woman of Taste

Some supply chain professionals like their work best when things are humming. Not Beth Ford. “I can’t get enough craziness,” says Ford, executive vice president, head of supply chain at International Flavors   Fragrances Inc. (IFF) in New York. What kind of craziness makes Ford’s day? Consider the time during her stint at Mobil Oil […]

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Elizabeth Little: Little Goes a Long Way

For Elizabeth Little, success lies in the details. There’s always a fresh piece of legislation moving through Congress, a revised rule, or a new security or safety requirement that affects the way companies ship goods across the border. “As the importer of record, I need to know what’s currently happening with everything related to shipping,” […]

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Lou Paioletti: Phoenix Rising

It took three months of intense work last fall for Phoenix Contact to shake the bugs from a new, fully automated distribution center in Middletown, Pa. The transition wasn’t easy, says Lou Paioletti, director of logistics at Phoenix Contact USA. But according to the company’s distributors, adjusting to new technologies and processes can take a […]

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Mike Segal: The Paper Chase

Mike Segal always keeps one eye on the weather. When you ship paper, water damage is a constant concern. “You need watertight equipment and good procedures for managing equipment integrity,” says Segal, director of logistics at Sappi Fine Paper North America, a division of Sappi Ltd., a global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The […]

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