Case Studies

Harry Miranda: The Paper Chase

Every time you pick up a copy of Inbound Logistics you’re touching the work of Harry Miranda. As director of logistics for St. Ives, South Florida, he is in charge of moving paper and ink into the plant where this magazine is printed, then for getting finished copies into subscribers’ hands. Since August of last […]

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A Smart-Money Move

Technology retailer CDW hit the jackpot with its new Las Vegas distribution center. The facility’s automated technology and room for expansion are a winning combination.

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James Renaud: Getting Ready for Liftoff

When work goes well for James Renaud, rockets soar into space. Literally. As director of development operations for Boeing Company, Renaud is in charge of the group that builds prototypes of Boeing products, such as the Delta IV launch vehicle that blasts satellites into orbit. “Having a successful launch makes my day,” Renaud says. Renaud’s […]

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