Feature Stories

Freight Payment Services: Dollars & Sense

Freight payment services are no longer just about paying your carriers quickly. Today’s freight payment service providers have expanded their portfolios to offer an array of cost-cutting, productivity, and efficiency benefits.

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Purchasing Managers: Shop Talk

Purchasing managers juggle a To-Do list of stressful, business-critical tasks—from striking the best deals to projecting demand to staying abreast of financial and political changes worldwide. Listen in as four purchasing managers chat about challenges and shoot the breeze on strategy.

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Fast Food Logistics: Having it Your Way

Variety and freshness are paramount to keeping fast-food customers hungry for more and supply lines and inventory ripe and ready for change. Fast-food chains look to logistics service providers with a similar craving for made-to-order selectivity, quality, and service—all at an affordable cost.

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3PL Elements: Outsourcing = A Formula for Change

When shippers mix the 3PL elements of expertise, process efficiency, and technology into their supply chain, the results are potent. Eureka! A stronger, more efficient, and cost-effective logistics operation! Step into the logistics lab for a look at how and why outsourcing can give businesses a positive charge.

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Project Logistics: Mission Possible

Their mission, should they decide to accept it, is to transport sensitive materials around the globe. They’ll grapple with issues of size, time, cost, scheduling, security, and fragility. Failure is not an option. They are project logistics professionals.

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Green Packaging: Waste Not, Want Not

By moving beyond conventional packaging methods and materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprints as well as their transportation spend and warehousing costs.

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