Feature Stories

International Truck Integrates Inbound

An integrated inbound logistics program helps International Truck streamline its supply base by bringing many supply chains into one. Result? World-class trucks and engines produced at competitive prices.

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The Evolution of the Paperless Railroad

The same goals that railroads hoped to achieve in 1883 by transitioning to Standard Time—accountability, reliability, better customer service—are now coming full circle as today’s smaller railroads are integrating with Class I’s and shippers to provide time-definite services and seamless supply chain visibility. “Real time” rather than “Railroad Time” is driving freight railroads into the new century.

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Trust Me! The Human Side of Collaboration

How business partners can conquer their fears of intimacy by learning to collaborate, share forecasts and plans, and build the kind of trust that supports successful supply chain operations.

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Washington Briefing 2004: Enemies at the Gate

The practical implications of the 24-Hour Rule and C-TPAT will reverberate in 2004. Here’s an update to help you meet the requirements and responsibilities of being a logistics partner in Homeland Defense.

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