Global Logistics

Global Logistics—June 2006

Global Air Cargo Flying Steady Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors shipping goods around the world have kept air cargo carriers busy lately—and the effort is showing up on carrier balance sheets. This increase in global trade, coupled with the airlines’ successful efforts to reign in costs, is starting to pay off. "Recent air cargo data from […]

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Global Logistics—May 2006

Technology Key to Global Supply Chain Success With the continued growth of global trade and the increased risk and complexity associated with global supply chains, technology solutions are more important than ever for enterprises operating worldwide. In particular, Global Trade Management (GTM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions will be at the forefront of successful […]

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Global Logistics—April 2006

Chinese Embrace Logistics Training For years, the global logistics industry has flocked to China to take advantage of its abundant cheap labor and inexpensive warehouse and manufacturing sites. China, however, has just begun to embrace the importance of logistics in its own business community."The Chinese realize they are far behind the industrialized world in terms […]

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Global Logistics—March 2006

3PLs Manufacturers Eyeing Eastern Europe Go east—to Eastern Europe, that is—has become the new mantra for multinational manufacturers looking to establish low-cost production sites. The accession of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to the European Union (EU) has opened up new growth opportunities in the region. […]

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Global Logistics—February 2006

Tough Talk on China Trade Policies On the heels of news that America’s trade deficit with China rose to $201.6 billion, the Bush administration announced its plan to step up enforcement of U.S. trade laws governing China. The move was widely lauded by businesses and lawmakers. Following a six-month, top-to-bottom review of America’s trading relationship […]

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Global Logistics—January 2006

"China’s emergence as a global economic power is having a seismic impact on the global logistics market." This statement, from New Zealand-based international property adviser DTZ’s recent Global Logistics Markets report, is not surprising. What is surprising is just how far China’s impact reaches when it comes to the international industrial landscape. "The negative impact […]

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