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Laura Easley

Leverage Data to Navigate Uncertain Times

If you’re tracking the Producer Price Index, consumer spending surveys and driver shortage statistics, you know that the economy and the global supply chain are becoming more and more complicated. Increasing volatility in operating costs, capacity, consumer demands, technology evolution and government regulations are producing a blinding effect on many shippers. To restore insight and […]

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Scott Nelson

Supply-chain Visibility: Why It Still Leaves Decision Makers in the Dark

Everyone who manages logistics operations or relies upon logistics information wants better supply-chain visibility.The phrase "supply-chain visibility" means many things. To some, it means knowing where in-transit goods are. To others, it means understanding how much an organization spends for logistics services—by business unit, department, product line, etc. To still others, it means understanding the […]

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George Prest

Traditional Supply Chain Models Will Be Extinct in 2025, Thanks to These 10 Disruptors

When 2025 rolls around, traditional supply chain models will be extinct, according to the 100-plus thought leaders and partners behind the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics. This open community spearheaded by MHI includes material handling and logistics practitioners, suppliers, academia, associations, publications and government. Each has a stake in the future of the […]

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Capacity Crunch

No, capacity crunch is not a cereal. It’s what almost every third-party logistics company (3PL) is dealing with today. It’s a shortage of trucks. Why are trucks in short supply? Let’s start with the economy. It’s pretty good right now. When the economy is good, it’s good for truckers. There are lots of goods to […]

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Bob Richard

Changing Regulations Regarding Shipping Lithium Batteries Present Unique Hazards for Shippers, Carriers and Receivers

The world of Dangerous Goods (DG) shipping is complex and ever-changing. Take for example the changing regulations regarding shipping lithium batteries. While lithium batteries have delivered superior performance and reliability in an endless array of applications, the same technology that makes them so useful also presents unique hazards for shippers, carriers and receivers. Several significant […]

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Victoria Stevens

Flexibility Key to Success in Liquor Logistics

The next time you settle down after a hard day with a glass of wine or a mixed drink to help you unwind, take a moment to understand how that alcoholic beverage came to fill your glass. A lot depends on which country you are drinking it in and the many tariffs designed to protect […]

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Paul Thompson

The Evolution of Enterprise Logistics

Utilizing new technologies and sophisticated business intelligence tools, leading-edge companies are transforming their supply chains and their enterprises through data science. The journey from simple execution-based transportation management to predictive, strategic planning—powered by analytics—has accelerated with a new emphasis on supply chain engineering, LEAN consulting and Big Data solutions. While precise in process, the co-managed […]

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Richard Erickson

Best-in-Class Supply Chains Won’t Overlook Freight Payment

As a shipping professional, you play an important role in your company’s physical supply chain. But did you know your role is just as important to your company’s financial supply chain? In today’s global supply chains, encompassing multiple transportation and financial partners, all stakeholders need visibility into transactions, parameters and results of the financial supply […]

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