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Tom Heine

Saving Time and Money Through Automation

au•to•ma•tion (n): The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.   — The number-one expense for brokers and 3PLs is payroll. Every function employees deal with has a cost in hourly pay, salary, or commission. Whether they are paid […]

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Mark Hogan

Have You Seen That 584-Page ‘Map’ Yet?

If you are reading this magazine, you are likely either directly or indirectly involved in the $700 billion domestic freight industry. So you know that to be successful, every logistics organization must overcome hurdles that challenge profitability, on-time service and, most importantly, safety. One of these hurdles should not be a marketplace that tolerates carriers, […]

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Eric Lail

Extended LEAN™ Increases Speed to Competitive Advantage. Continuous Improvement Method Takes Companies from Surviving to Thriving

Most operations and logistics leaders have spent at least part of their careers implementing LEAN principles within companies to improve quality, cost and delivery performance. The majority likely learned basic LEAN methods in week-long doses of kaizen ("good change" in Japanese) events trying to reduce wastes. Today many of those early adopters—and new LEAN thinkers […]

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Keith Hendrickson

Mobility Solutions That Improve Field Productivity

The freight and logistics industry is truly a mobile world. People, products, and packages are constantly on the move from one location to another, and employees are increasingly using smartphones in their daily lives—with all the benefits of continuous, high-bandwidth connectivity, stronger device capabilities, and more targeted applications. So how can the industry take advantage […]

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Cheryl Garcia

Transportation Payment—Bank on a Better Way

The definition of "carrier" is pretty straightforward: an entity that transports freight. Carriers are in the transportation business, plain and simple. Actually, not so simple. Carriers are also in the credit business. Unintentionally, to be sure, but they are. When carriers set payment terms of 45 days, they are essentially extending credit to the shipper […]

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Stephanie Miles

Best Practices to Manage International Freight Spend

Many companies have switched operations to low cost suppliers—only to find that higher than expected transportation expenses outweighed the benefits. In fact, the logistics costs associated with operating a global supply chain can be 6 to 11 percent of revenue, roughly three to five times more than a domestic supply network. A recent AberdeenGroup report, […]

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Christopher P. Mazza

Connectivity-Visibility-Optimization: Three Keys To a Successful Supply Chain Trading Partner Network

2013 has been called the Year of the Network by numerous supply chain and transportation industry thought leaders. A well-oiled trading partner network allows one-to-many and many-to-many partners to collaborate and communicate using a single source of truth garnered from real-time information. Harnessing this collective power provides a competitive advantage as well as the flexibility […]

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Robert Martichenko

The Lean Supply Chain: A Field of Opportunity

Businesses all around the world are familiar with the value of lean principles. The current conditions of globalization and competitive environments require operating a lean business now more than ever. Lean principles teach to eliminate waste and focus only on those things that result in customer value—ultimately building business cultures that focus on problem solving. […]

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John Wagner Jr.

Outsourcing for Newbies, and a Refresher for All

While Fortune 500 companies routinely outsource everything from distribution centers and transportation management to packaging, freight audit/payment and other functions, your up-and-coming company may only need to outsource a single function of its operations, perhaps a combination. It’s rarely an easy decision process, but the objective is always clear. Growing companies need access to better […]

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Ray Greer

Using Strategic Acquisitions to Satisfy Your Customer Base

Global shippers continue to face supply chain challenges that seem to change more often and more dramatically than ever before. They require logistics partners who can react to these changes and help them navigate the complexities of global trade. Shippers want 3PL partners that not only responsively evolve service networks and capabilities to flex with […]

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