Mike Marlowe

Integrate Contract Packaging Into Distribution Operations to Cut Costs by 30%

Specific consumer products look exactly the same when they roll off the manufacturing line. To satisfy retailer requirements, however, these identical products are wrapped, sealed, tied and packed in dozens, even hundreds, of different ways for presentation on the retail shelf. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies often outsource final packaging to outside contract packagers, adding […]

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Chris Kane

Collaborative Distribution Eases the Capacity Crunch

Q: The current crunch in trucking capacity has made mainstream news lately. How should the transport industry solve this problem? Kane: The truth is there is no capacity shortage. Also, there are plenty of truck drivers, even after we lose 100,000 drivers through CSA 2010, as industry experts predict. The problem is not capacity or […]

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Lee Miller

Want Better Service? Take the Driver-Friendly Approach

Q: How are you addressing the shipper’s concern about capacity now and in the future? Miller: I believe shippers understand that capacity issues are stimulated more by the driver shortage than any other single factor. At Miller Transporters, we are asking our shippers to help us be more driver- friendly. Keep detention low and utilization […]

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Rick O'Dell

The Best Partner Carriers Provide Transparency

Q: How can service accountability and innovation help shippers stay one step ahead in a tough economic climate? O’Dell: Vigilant shippers make sure every dollar they spend counts by choosing carriers who offer them the opportunity to shine in front of their customers. While there are different ways to accomplish this, one of the best […]

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