James Stevenson

Getting the Most from Advanced Planning Tools

Third-party logistics providers that use advanced planning tools to model complex routing operations and streamline the bid process have a significant advantage in both demonstrating results and helping clients cut costs. When they cut modeling time to a fraction of what it was, and utilize new tools, 3PLs can uncover opportunities and quickly implement changes that provide benefit for their clients.

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Donny Askin

The 3 Elements of a Successful Private Label Program

Globally sourced, private label products allow merchants to maximize margins while maintaining price points, ensuring a good return on investment. But sourcing product globally is complex. By focusing on visibility, intelligence and collaboration, retailers, brand owners and wholesalers who globally source private label products can ensure a successful return on investment. Q: Today, globally sourced, […]

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Ross Elliott

Finding Hidden Profits in Your Warehouse or Transport Operations

Sometimes it’s easier than you think to find hidden profits in your warehouse or transportation operations. Many successful companies are doing more with less by simply optimizing their slotting practices, pick paths, truckloads and delivery routes. Q: Given the volatility and uncertainty in today’s logistics environment, how are logistics providers remaining profitable? ELLIOTT: Sometimes it’s […]

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Steven Shoemaker

TMS Evolved: Intelligent Execution Tools That Add Context

Evolution is inevitable, isn’t it? It makes sense that transportation management systems should evolve as well. While the concept of Moore’s Law does not necessarily apply to TMS advancements in its short lifespan, there are current improvements available that are making shippers stand up and take notice. The newest improvement has been the ability to […]

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Chris Timmer

Sharing Efficiencies Through Collaboration

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? Timmer: In today’s challenging economic environment, transportation professionals need to take advantage of every opportunity for collaboration with trading partners to increase efficiencies across their supply chain. As one of the largest networks in the U.S. transportation industry, LeanLogistics On-Demand TMS® attracts more […]

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Don Mabry

GTM Software: Read This Before You Buy

Q: How can a logistics operation contribute to a company’s overall profit margin in a meaningful way? Mabry: Recent research studies confirm transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes make up more than 40 percent of an imported item’s cost. Additional costs often hidden within operating accounts can include quote administration, sourcing, and quality […]

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Jim Caudill

Keep Partners In the Loop

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? Caudill: Efficiencies can be gained by increasing the fidelity, transparency, and velocity of data that value chain partners share about inventories, shipments, capacities, and sales. Everyone wins when you get all partners on the same page and today there is no reason this information […]

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