Kurt Cavano

Ready for the Rebound

One good thing about difficult times is they drive people to take action. It’s easy to be nonchalant about counting pennies when dollar bills are everywhere. But when things get tight, lip service surrounding efficiency and automation just won’t do. Tomorrow’s leaders are using the recession to address manual processes, paper and other inefficiencies. Using […]

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Geoff Comrie

Immediate Steps Toward Supply Chain And Transportation Integration

Finally! Now, there is much more action toward integrating the transportation function into the Supply Chain. For years, there has been the realization of the high volume of money being wasted associated with transportation expenses—inbound, outbound and "plant-to-plant." Let’s look at some industry numbers: Overall inbound, production-related and outbound transportation is often the 3rd highest […]

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How to Outsource Wind Logistics

As demand for renewable energy sources grows and green best practices take root, the wind energy industry keeps blowing across the United States. Regardless of whether wind turbine components are sourced globally or domestically, the demands placed on shippers and transportation and logistics service providers are extreme. Planning, organizing, and executing wind turbine moves requires […]

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How to Gain Reverse Logistics Efficiency

Forward thinking companies increasingly need to consider reverse. With so much attention, time, and capital spent on exploring ways to move the enterprise in new directions, what’s left behind is often overlooked and under-controlled. Reverse logistics covers a wide array of services—from inspection, repair, and remanufacturing to consumer returns and aftermarket recycling. It can reduce […]

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How to Create a Lean Warehouse Culture

MORE TO THE STORY: Lean in Principle There are three core parts to orchestrating lean tactics in a warehouse: tools, methods, and culture. Most companies have the equipment and processes to embrace lean. Culture, however, is often missing. Crafting an organizational culture that empowers lean concepts is a recurring challenge for companies, yet it yields […]

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How to Standardize Fuel Surcharges

MORE TO THE STORY: DRILLING DOWN FREIGHT SPEND A wise person once stated that if you have two watches, you never know what time it is. When considering the effects of fuel surcharges on line-haul rates, this analogy is appropriate. If both are allowed to fluctuate, making sense of total freight spend and the intrinsic […]

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Why Shippers Should Care About Total Landed Costs

The unprecedented economic downturn, combined with the very unpredictable changes in key supply chain variables over the last few years, shows why shippers should take a more holistic approach when making network configuration decisions. The dramatic spike in fuel prices last year serves a perfect example. The fuel ≥crisis≤ was a catalyst that forced companies […]

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It’s 2009. Do You Know Where Your Freight Dollars are Going?

The last two years have proven to be very stressful ones for most supply chain managers. Hundreds of firms have failed and thousands of jobs have been lost throughout the industry. Most managers of virtually all functions are under more pressure to meet corporate goals than ever before. According to the recent CSCMP State of […]

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Measure Your Way to Exceeding C-Suite Expectations

With organizational performance demands at an unprecedented high, the C-Suite is scrutinizing every cost of doing business and looking for places to cut costs while enhancing customer service. Constantly changing corporate goals and the mandate to do more with less adds stress to heightened business goals. One thing is clear: Changes made to your business […]

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