Rob Kriewaldt

We Must Be ‘Smart’ About the Future of Infrastructure – WSI

America’s transportation infrastructure is in a pretty dire state. The American Society of Engineers’ (ASCE) last report card gave it an average grade of D+. If the United States were a high school, our parents would be meeting with the principal and we’d probably be concerned about whether we were going to graduate. Few issues […]

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John Watkins

2018 State of the Third-Party Logistics Industry Report – 3PL Central

Over the past decade, there has been an extraordinary amount of change within the logistics industry. And with this change has come new requirements, new competition, new technologies, and more. At 3PL Central, we have watched as our customers have navigated this ever-evolving world of logistics. We compiled these observations—along with our own experiences—in our […]

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Andrew Cheung

Put the Factory to Work: Vendor Shipment Booking – Amber Road

Q: What are the biggest issues facing supply chain executives in 2018? A: When we said 2017 was one of the most disruptive years for global supply chains in recent years, thanks to natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, and regulatory upheaval, we couldn’t have foreseen the twists and turns that would take shape in 2018. The […]

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Shannon Vaillancourt

Find the Data You’ve Been Looking For – RateLinx

Q: Why do companies struggle to get good data? A: It’s no secret that data is the foundation for a world-class logistics strategy. It’s also no secret how to find the right data, yet many companies struggle to find the data they’ve been looking for. Companies have a lot of data, but not the data […]

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