Ralph Hess

With WMS, Small Businesses Can Do It All

Q: How can smaller companies respond to the supply chain demands of their large customers? A: The best way for suppliers to respond is to manage their own segment of the supply chain as efficiently as possible. They must optimize their inventory and distribution operations by applying the proper resources—human, financial, and technological—to drive excellence […]

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Terrence M. Gilbert

Asset-Based Carriers Give Shippers an Advantage

Q: What are the advantages of sourcing supply chain solutions directly through asset-based providers? A: When capacity becomes tight, maintaining relationships with asset-based carriers gives shippers—and non-asset solution providers who partner with us—the peace of mind of knowing their supply chain and service will remain seamless and fluid. When capacity is constrained, communication is essential […]

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Kevin Reader

Choosing the Right WMS For Your Business

Q: The WMS selection process seems to be based on spreadsheets and feature-driven lists of requirements. Is this the best place to start? A: Many consultants and professional organizations suggest companies can select a WMS by reviewing standard feature lists, conducting a conference room pilot, and adding customization as needed to deliver the design and […]

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Available Capacity Brings Value to Today’s Logistics Buyers

Q: From your perspective as a truck capacity provider, where is the balance between demand for trucking services and the currently available truck capacity? A: It has been reported that up to 20 percent of truckload capacity that existed in 2007 is gone. Some carriers are failing to deliver on time, and the day may […]

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Roy Coburn

Think Outside the Border

Companies of all sizes are benefitting from international trade, and those that don’t are getting left behind. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or a global multi-national, there is a way for you to get in the global trade game. Global Solutions For Global Companies For large North American companies operating in multi-national markets, moving […]

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Dan Vertachnik

Developing a Comprehensive Transportation Strategy

Q: What advice do you have for companies attempting to optimize their inbound freight? A: It’s worth the effort. Traditionally, companies have focused on low-hanging fruit, such as improving efficiencies and reducing outbound transportation costs. Overlooked is the more difficult task of managing inbound transportation, which can often be multi-modal, multi-leg, and international. Companies need […]

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