Steven Shoemaker

Time to Reconsider Your 3PL Strategy

Third-party logistics companies come in many different forms, and for a while there was not much barrier to entry into the marketplace— particularly the less-than-truckload segment. Until even recently, the following recipe could be utilized to form a 3PL: Ingredients: Freight to leverage Growth potential Industry knowledge Technology— in any form Instructions: Take one former […]

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Robert Byrne

What’s Ahead in Transportation Forecasting?

Transportation forecasts enable planners to shift from reacting to orders to proactively managing capacity. By synchronizing transport forecasts with manufacturing and distribution plans, your entire company can respond to the same demand signals. Q: Why isn’t transportation planned with the same level of rigor as finished goods? BYRNE: Transportation cannot be planned with the same […]

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Steven Shoemaker

TMS Evolved: Intelligent Execution Tools That Add Context

Evolution is inevitable, isn’t it? It makes sense that transportation management systems should evolve as well. While the concept of Moore’s Law does not necessarily apply to TMS advancements in its short lifespan, there are current improvements available that are making shippers stand up and take notice. The newest improvement has been the ability to […]

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Jim Caudill

Keep Partners In the Loop

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? Caudill: Efficiencies can be gained by increasing the fidelity, transparency, and velocity of data that value chain partners share about inventories, shipments, capacities, and sales. Everyone wins when you get all partners on the same page and today there is no reason this information […]

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J. Kenneth Hazen

Drilling Down Into Supply Chain Data

Q: How can today’s manufacturers deal with increasing regulations, demand volatility, and shifting global trade currents? Hazen: First, recognize that complying with increasing and changing regulations is a requirement. Second, allow longer lead times in holding inventory and making shipments; use expedited service when necessary. Third, placing inventory nearer the customer’s location may be needed […]

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Rich Wilson

Strong Relationships Net Long-Term Value

Q: From your perspective as a sourcing technology provider, what trends and challenges do you anticipate shippers will encounter in 2010? Wilson: 2010 will be an interesting year for shippers and carriers alike. Some reports show that spot rates have been rising since last fall, and most analysts believe they will continue to rise as […]

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Scott Vanselous

Ditch the Spreadsheets, Implement a TMS

Q: How can value chain partners cooperate to create and share efficiencies? Vanselous: It amazes me that so many shippers and carriers still rely heavily on manual processes in daily transport operations; only 38 percent of companies currently use transportation management software, says AMR Research. Ongoing cooperation with value chain partners is possible with integrated […]

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