Supply Chain Perspectives

Our Wiki, Wiki Ways

The best way to move forward in these challenging times is to innovate collaboratively – emphasizing the quality of openness and the values of networked connectivity, shared knowledge, and rapid information exchange. Humanity has generally been successful when “we the people” act in concert – but we didn’t arrive at the “we” factor overnight. Adam […]

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Seattle’s Second-Best?

When people think of Seattle, they are reminded of its coffee, salmon, and fir trees. It’s also the hometown of American titans such as UPS, Boeing, and Starbucks. But as these companies grow, and take their operations elsewhere to compete globally, cities such as Seattle are losing a vital part of their economic identity. The […]

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Infrastructure Triage 101

The U.S. logistics system is the nation’s life and supply line and deserves our highest attention. A sobering assessment of our regard for America’s infrastructure is found in the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) most recent report card. Here are the grades: Rail: C- Aviation: D+ Roads: D Bridges: C Navigable Waterways: D- It’s […]

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Hamilton on Wry

One misty day, I wandered about the graveyard at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan. I spotted a figure sitting on the steps of a square granite box with four urns at its corners and a truncated pyramid in its center. It was the tomb of Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804), who for many Americans is merely the […]

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