Trends—November 2010<br />

Trends—November 2010

A Break in the Chain: Solving the Port Chassis Problem When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) started enforcing its discursive Requirements for Intermodal Equipment Providers and for Motor Carriers and Drivers Operating Intermodal Equipment rule in December 2009, there weren’t enough containers flowing through U.S. ports to cause immediate alarm. Shippers and trucking […]

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Trends—October 2010<br />

Trends—October 2010

U.S. Transportation Investment: A Political Pothole Drive any measurable distance across the United States and you’re bound to run into “Schneider Eggs”— trucker slang for sometimes-scrambled orange construction barrels. As much as road construction is an obstacle to efficiency and timeliness, it’s also a sign of progress, investment, and your tax dollars at work. Ironically, […]

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Trends—September 2010<br />

Trends—September 2010

U.S. Ports Dig Panama Gold For a wee slip of waterway, 48 miles in length and 33 feet wide at its narrowest, the Panama Canal has publicity buoyancy the likes of the two great oceans it connects—and the buzz is only building. Despite technology and globalization, the Canal has remained a vital gateway in the […]

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Trends—August 2010<br />

Trends—August 2010

Shipping Maintains Traction Despite Gulf Slick The considerable environmental impacts from British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico have cast a pall over the region, endangering delicate ecosystems and tourism industries alike. But to date, the oil crisis has had little negative impact on shipping in the heavily trafficked corridor. Gulf […]

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Trends—July 2010<br />

Trends—July 2010

21st annual State of Logistics Report: Beating the Recession; Making dollars and Sense out of Jabulanis and Vuvuzelas; Mergers and Acquisitions Show signs of Recovery

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Trends—June 2010<br />

Trends—June 2010

Patagonia and Walmart Grow Green Together Sustainability mandates are fast becoming competitive differentiators for many companies, outwardly attracting green-thumbed consumers while inwardly reducing inefficiency and waste. But for outdoor clothing company Patagonia, being green is simply a matter of corporate karma. The Ventura, Calif.-based clothier has been on the "greening edge" of environmental best practices […]

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Trends—May 2010<br />

Trends—May 2010

Despite Interruptions European Integrators Express Themselves When an ash cloud from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano forced the closure of most European airports and airspace in April 2010, express carriers TNT and DHL activated contingency plans and ramped up ground operations to cope with the service disruption. "The ground network allowed TNT to keep delivering customers’ goods […]

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Trends—April 2010<br />

Trends—April 2010

Logistics IT: Keying Into Shipper Demand Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 100 Logistics IT Providers survey and outreach canvasses solutions providers to understand the challenges and opportunities their customers confront as they navigate the global supply chain. How and where shippers direct logistics technology spend exposes broader trends in the transportation and logistics space. Companies invest […]

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Trends–March 2010<br />

Trends–March 2010

Alaska Gambles on Arctic ‘Pipeline’ America’s Last Frontier could be on the edge of a new front for global trade if Congressman Don Young’s (R-AK) vision for an arctic port becomes reality. Alaska, which is wild by nature, also has a reputation for bringing impetuous infrastructure projects to the table—for example, the much-maligned “Bridge to […]

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Trends—February 2010

Trends—February 2010

The Little Railroad That Did Small railroad communities used to be widespread across the United States. Rural transportation and commerce were railroad-tied, each dependent on the other. In western New York towns such as Livonia, the past was very much aligned with the tracks. So is its future, thanks to a little foresight and determination. […]

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