Customer Service

Rob Honeycutt

Optimizing the Industrial Purchasing Experience

In today’s industrial marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. A major component of creating that distinction is offering customers a seamless, easy, and quick buying experience. This is a significant challenge when the products involved are complex, costly, and often must be customized. Companies who embrace this challenge […]

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Radek Maly

Multinational Diversity Drives Measurable Success in Logistics Operations

The logistics industry is international by its very nature. Logistics providers—particularly freight forwarders—manage relationships with companies around the world as shipments are moved globally. As a result, the United States is more diverse than ever before, which presents an opportunity for companies to partner with a logistics provider that hires staff from many countries and […]

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Matt Elenjickal

Real-Time Load Tracking: Improving Productivity and Customer Service, and Reducing Costs

Do you have a team of people who spend their time calling carriers, checking websites, filling out spreadsheets with EDI data, and answering endless inquiries from internal and external customers about where the truck is? It’s an all too familiar story for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the country. Did you install your dream TMS […]

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Steve Leavitt

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

Whatever your business, the success of any company depends on its ability to define its value proposition, and then execute the vision precisely and consistently throughout the organization. Defining a company’s core value proposition requires patience, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of your customers’ needs and your core competencies. Nearly 30 years […]

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Felecia Stratton

Whatever It Takes

So you’re a retailer, and out of stock on a particular item. Then, of course, a customer orders it. What do you do? When outdoor gear retailer Backcountry was faced with an out of stock that would disappoint a customer, an employee went shopping on a competitor’s website, purchased the item with a personal credit […]

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Joe Bellini

Inventory Replenishment: Why Push When You Can Pull?

Today‘s supply chains are undergoing significant pressures to become more demand-driven. Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers must choose the approach they hope will make the most profit. Should you produce goods according to demand forecasts, or by reacting to what consumers already bought? Companies are investing in a new generation of cloud technologies that enable the […]

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Improving Shipper/Carrier Relationships

From shippers, receivers, and purchasing agents to carriers and third-party logistics companies, everyone has an opinion on how to reduce trucking costs. But they all agree that to help save money, shippers should build strong relationships with their less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. Mark Hamblin, vice president of sales, west, for LTL carrier Saia, offers some advice […]

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