Global Logistics – September 2010

Audi Stops For Green Light Audi is pushing the accelerator in its pursuit of greener cars and a more sustainable supply chain. For example, in December 2009, Green Car Journal honored the German automotive manufacturer’s 2010 Audi A3 TDI as its Green Car of the Year. But the carmaker doesn’t stop there. Audi transports its […]

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Locating a Global Distribution Hub

Before adding a global distribution hub, hone your skills in compliance and cross-border import and export, advises John Miller, senior vice president global business development, Flash Global Logistics, Inc. He offers these tips on what companies should consider when locating and choosing a global distribution hub. Map your market. Determine your customer install base, which […]

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Dealing With Customs

Many importers admit that understanding the U.S. Customs Service (USCS) process is like navigating a bureaucratic labyrinth. Here are some useful tips from importers familiar with USCS and its processes. 1. Know thy import specialist. In order to successfully negotiate the intricate parameters USCS uses to measure the import process, it is important to build […]

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