Food Logistics

Brendan Lowe

5 Steps to Improving Food Product Traceability

Food safety represents a pressing concern for consumers and food retailers. Several high-profile incidents have cost billions due to sickened consumers, lost sales, and contaminated products. If these occurrences have taught U.S. retailers anything, it’s that the ability to react swiftly and appropriately to food-related issues is essential. The passage of the U.S. Food and […]

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Paul Hammes

Rails Give Agricultural Industry Seeds to Grow

Freight railroads represent a critical supply chain link for agricultural product shippers. It’s not enough that railroads haul a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel—the equivalent of a standard mid-sized car getting 200 miles per gallon. To provide agricultural product shippers with the best value and service, freight […]

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