Inventory Management

Cycle Time Reduction Gives Life to Productivity

Manufacturers that can’t deliver on time won’t keep their customers happy—or keep them at all. This reality is all the more reason why small and mid-sized manufacturers need to get their products into customers’ hands as quickly as possible. Often, however, bottlenecks in the production process make this impossible. The following scenarios of lost productivity […]

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SupplyPro’s Point-of-Use Inventory Management

Not all supply chain solutions providers offer broad-based remote services. Some do a very good job on a more local level—though, often, their offerings can be hooked into a global web network. Some concentrate solely on the supply chain at point-of-use. One such solutions provider is SupplyPro, based in San Diego, Calif. It has developed […]

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VMI Heals Distributor/Manufacturer Mistrust

Imagine if your doctor had real-time information about your blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol level, blood sugar, and brain wave patterns and could intervene remotely at any time. Medical technology hasn’t developed quite to that point yet, but enterprise software has. It’s called vendor-managed inventory (VMI). A Healthy Dose of VMI VMI has a healthful […]

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VMI: Managing Supply Based on Demand

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is not a new application, but its role in today’s supply chain is attracting more and more interest. Driven by a need for greater competence in supply chain processes, the roles some supply chain partners play are shifting away from traditional inventory management. Now, the vendor tracks the quantity of products […]

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Inventory Trendspotting: Qualifying Suppliers Online

One common way to identify emerging technology trends is to follow the trails of strategic partnerships between companies. While these agreements often result in the implementation of a new technology, at the very least they can enhance a technology that in turn augments a service to some customer within the supply chain. One such partnership […]

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Balancing Inventory With Customer Service

A key link in the supply chain is the management of inventory and its vital replenishment. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers all have a large stake in the process. Cooperative replenishment can lead to inventory reduction, sales growth, and reduced management and processing expenses. Supply Chain Solutions, Williamsville, N.Y., offers inventory management services specifically for […]

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