Logistics I.T.

Trends—April 2010<br />

Trends—April 2010

Logistics IT: Keying Into Shipper Demand Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 100 Logistics IT Providers survey and outreach canvasses solutions providers to understand the challenges and opportunities their customers confront as they navigate the global supply chain. How and where shippers direct logistics technology spend exposes broader trends in the transportation and logistics space. Companies invest […]

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Felecia Stratton

Transformative Technology

Yes, technology continues to transform transportation. But your demands also transform those providing technology to you. For example, JDA Software’s acquisition of i2 Technologies in January 2010, and their shared roadmap for future integration, serve as a telling bellwether for the logistics technology industry and its customers. From a macro perspective, consolidation among IT companies […]

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Implementing an RFID Solution

Proper management and execution are key to a successful RFID implementation project. Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor company Intel Corporation experienced this firsthand when it deployed RFID at its factory’s receiving docks to track inbound chemicals. Scott Thomas, senior engineer at Intel, shares what he learned to help ensure your smooth RFID implementation. 1. Evaluate tracking […]

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RFID Use Limited Only by Imagination

Logistics professionals have long viewed radio frequency identification (RFID) as a technology of the future. By fixing their vision on the distant horizon, however, they may be overlooking the real value that RFID can deliver today. RFID technology is already used thousands of times each day in port, distribution center, and fleet operations around the […]

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Lorantec: Cargo Gets Smart

In this era of smart machines, smart cards, smart motors, and smart sensors, it’s about time we had smart cargo—specifically, smart cargo containers. The ability to know where and in what condition a shipment is becomes a major supply chain consideration and the primary goal of better process visibility. Lorantec of Sunnyvale, Calif., is building […]

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