Logistics I.T.

Joe Caston

Managing Labor Boosts Warehouse Operations

When up against competition, service is the name of the game, and your labor force is the most important tool you have to win business and increase profitability. Labor management tools help you determine whether your workforce is able to perform at the level necessary to deliver cost-effective service to your customers. With the data […]

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Dr. Jim Giermanski

Digitizing the Global Supply Chain

At one point, we all had a rabbit-eared TV or a clunky cell phone that took muscle to carry. Numerous electronics innovations have made life not only easier, but also more productive. So why are so many international supply chain professionals still living in the dark ages when it comes to supply chain efficiency and […]

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Robert Byrne

What’s Ahead in Transportation Forecasting?

Transportation forecasts enable planners to shift from reacting to orders to proactively managing capacity. By synchronizing transport forecasts with manufacturing and distribution plans, your entire company can respond to the same demand signals. Q: Why isn’t transportation planned with the same level of rigor as finished goods? BYRNE: Transportation cannot be planned with the same […]

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Kurt Cavano

Tap the Potential of SaaS and Cloud Computing

Supply chain strategies built around software-as-a-service (SaaS) or Cloud computing eliminate many headaches that often come with supply chain investments. They eliminate the need for presence overseas, cut the time spent integrating systems across internal departments, and greatly reduce the time spent integrating with hundreds of partners and suppliers. Q: Why is SaaS the next […]

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Chris Timmer

The Evolution of Transportation Buying Practices

It is interesting to witness the changes that have occurred in transportation purchasing. For one, the annual bid mentality is gone. With access and visibility to posting boards, SaaS transportation networks, and optimization technologies, transportation procurement has evolved to the point where it is truly a continuous management function. Q: How has innovation affected the […]

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Subhash Chowdary

Can You See Me Now? Achieving Supply Chain Visibility

Manual data inputs. Multiple data sources. Data latency. Point-to-point interfaces. These are just a few key obstacles to achieving supply chain visibility. But, there are solutions available that deliver visibility and intelligence as a service with process, security, and environmental monitoring. Q: What are some of the challenges companies face when trying to achieve supply […]

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James Stevenson

Getting the Most from Advanced Planning Tools

Third-party logistics providers that use advanced planning tools to model complex routing operations and streamline the bid process have a significant advantage in both demonstrating results and helping clients cut costs. When they cut modeling time to a fraction of what it was, and utilize new tools, 3PLs can uncover opportunities and quickly implement changes that provide benefit for their clients.

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Donny Askin

The 3 Elements of a Successful Private Label Program

Globally sourced, private label products allow merchants to maximize margins while maintaining price points, ensuring a good return on investment. But sourcing product globally is complex. By focusing on visibility, intelligence and collaboration, retailers, brand owners and wholesalers who globally source private label products can ensure a successful return on investment. Q: Today, globally sourced, […]

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Ross Elliott

Finding Hidden Profits in Your Warehouse or Transport Operations

Sometimes it’s easier than you think to find hidden profits in your warehouse or transportation operations. Many successful companies are doing more with less by simply optimizing their slotting practices, pick paths, truckloads and delivery routes. Q: Given the volatility and uncertainty in today’s logistics environment, how are logistics providers remaining profitable? ELLIOTT: Sometimes it’s […]

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