Dr. Jim Giermanski

Digitizing the Global Supply Chain

At one point, we all had a rabbit-eared TV or a clunky cell phone that took muscle to carry. Numerous electronics innovations have made life not only easier, but also more productive. So why are so many international supply chain professionals still living in the dark ages when it comes to supply chain efficiency and […]

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Keith Biondo

Shading Green

We know the positive arguments for embracing green. This magazine regularly demonstrates how shippers and service providers are developing sustainability practices across their supply chain touchpoints. Reducing fuel, cube, weight, packaging, waste, and power consumption in the supply chain blends the two shades of green—sustainability and profits. You’ll find measurable examples of both in this […]

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John A. Evans

Growing Together: Promoting Government and Industry Collaboration

In Michigan, a state that’s undergoing an unprecedented shift in its economy, Governor Jennifer Granholm established a new committee to create opportunities for the logistics and transportation sector. The group, comprised of politicians, business leaders, community organizers, and supply chain professionals, advises the governor and state agencies on supply chain management initiatives to help the […]

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