Temperature-Sensitive Goods

Chris Swearingen

Sensor-based Logistics: Monitoring Shipment Vital Signs in Real Time

The global supply chain’s rapid growth is encouraging companies to look for new ways to improve efficiency, cut waste, and enhance supply chain dependability to deliver a superior customer experience. One tool for accomplishing these goals is sensor-based logistics (SBL). SBL provides full visibility inside shipments while they’re in motion, helping to ensure they reach […]

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Tom Kampf

Refrigerated Trucks Haul More Than Just Perishables

It may come as a surprise that “perishable goods” include items more diverse than fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, frozen foods, and dairy products. Today’s truck and trailer refrigeration systems, known as reefers, also keep other high-value loads at ideal temperatures and humidity levels so they arrive safely at their final destinations. Prompted by regulations […]

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Managing Fresh Produce Shipments

With produce’s limited shelf life, on-time delivery takes on increased importance. These goods must move quickly through the supply chain, as any delay can result in spoilage and lost revenue. Eden Prairie, Minn.-based third-party logistics provider C.H. Robinson’s general managers, Gary York, Bob Biesterfeld, and Mark Petersen, provide this advice for managing produce shipments. 1. […]

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