Nick Weaver

For Truck Financing, Bank on a Transportation Expert

Q: What is the current market for financing and leasing commercial trucks and equipment? A: Generally, the trucking industry is experiencing a favorable banking and finance market as most commercial banks continue to show relatively healthy interest in financing revenue equipment. Borrowing rates are near all-time lows, so locking in equipment financing today is appealing […]

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Terrence M. Gilbert

Asset-Based Carriers Give Shippers an Advantage

Q: What are the advantages of sourcing supply chain solutions directly through asset-based providers? A: When capacity becomes tight, maintaining relationships with asset-based carriers gives shippers—and non-asset solution providers who partner with us—the peace of mind of knowing their supply chain and service will remain seamless and fluid. When capacity is constrained, communication is essential […]

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Available Capacity Brings Value to Today’s Logistics Buyers

Q: From your perspective as a truck capacity provider, where is the balance between demand for trucking services and the currently available truck capacity? A: It has been reported that up to 20 percent of truckload capacity that existed in 2007 is gone. Some carriers are failing to deliver on time, and the day may […]

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Charles Myers

Load Boards Evolve Into Social Networking Tools

When you look at an Internet-based load board, it’s hard to believe how far the freight and logistics sector has come. It wasn’t long ago that carriers all over the country found much-needed backhauls by posting handwritten notes on truckstop bulletin boards, and brokers used those same boards to locate trucks. But technology—particularly the Internet—has […]

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