Nicholas Ammaturo

A Quick Study

Up for any challenge

If variety is the spice of life, Nick Ammaturo's career is a feast of flavors. He has worked in the food and beverage industry, facilities maintenance, beauty products, and now—with a recent move to the Hudson's Bay Company—in retail.

Wherever he lands, he excels. In part, that's because he knows how to make a quick but thorough study of any challenge he's about to tackle. "Nick believes in knowing the business cold to make informed decisions," says nominator Robert Odomirok.

Where he has been

At his last job at Avon Products, Ammaturo wore two hats. In one, he led an initiative to implement a global supply chain collaboration system. "I was the project manager, overseeing IT, finance, planning, engineering—all the stakeholders," he says. With his other hat on, he focused on logistics, leading a series of RFPs for linehaul transportation management and order fulfillment services.

Lighting to lobsters

One of Ammaturo's most memorable projects occurred at FM Facility Maintenance. The mission was to source a wide range of services—plumbing, lighting, elevators, food equipment, lobster tanks—for a national supermarket chain.

He had to master tons of information at the start. "For a few months, I just hit the road," he says. "I visited at least 100 supermarket locations, learning about every aspect of the business, then trying to understand the costs, and how to add value." The project started in September and had to wrap up by February.

Not only did Ammaturo get the contracts squared away, but he also implemented training to help the stores cut costs by operating more efficiently. In the end, the project saved the client about 15 percent.

The next generation

Ammaturo got into supply chain management by chance. He was interning in Beijing as a marketing analyst when a recruiter called to offer him a position in global procurement at PepsiCo. "I had no exposure to the field until I happened to get that phone call," he says. That's why he likes to return to his alma mater, Villanova University, to talk to management classes about the supply chain: he wants to make sure students hear about this profession he loves.

He also reaches out to younger people as president of the ISM-7 Counties chapter. With his urging, the group recently launched a new, more dynamic website that is optimized for mobile devices as well as PCs. Ammaturo has been recruiting business professors in New York to write articles for the site and, in turn, to bring in chapter members to talk to their classes.

Baking his way to the top

An avid cook, Ammaturo ran a food blog, Fork to Cork, through 2011. "One recipe has gotten me promoted several times," he jokes. "Every place I work, I bake that blueberry tart, and everyone remembers it."


AGE: 30

HOMETOWN: Poughkeepsie, New York

ALMA MATER: Villanova University

CURRENT POSITION: Director, Profit Improvement and Procurement, Hudson's Bay Company, New York

NOMINATED BY: Robert Odomirok, Senior Manager, A&M Procurement, PepsiCo Inc.

In His Own Words

Most challenging part of your job?

Demonstrating how procurement process and strategy can unlock value to the organization.

If you could start over, would you still choose this profession?

Definitely. You gain skills that you can apply outside of work. This profession teaches you to ask the right questions and be informed in many areas.

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