Top 100 3PL Providers Questionnaire

Each year, Inbound Logistics surveys the market to determine which third-party logistics providers best fit our readers’ needs.

Use this online form to add your company to our survey database, or to update existing information. The data collected here will be used to build the Top 100 3PL Providers list in our July issue, and serve as the basis for our 3PL Decision Support Tool.

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Markets Served (please check all that apply)
 Manufacturing (all kinds)
 Transportation (includes 3PLs, warehousing, carriers, forwarders, etc.)
Logistics Services & Capabilities (please check all that apply)
 Lead Logistics Provider/4th-Party Logistics
 End-to-End Logistics
 Omni-Channel Logistics
 Global Trade Services
 Inbound Logistics/Demand-Driven Logistics
 Logistics Process Reengineering
 Blockchain/Supply Chain Finance (Payment Auditing/Processing/Claims)
 Inventory Management
 Vendor Management
 Shared Services (co-locating, collaborative distribution, etc.)
Warehousing Services & Capabilities (please check all that apply)
 Pick/Pack, Subassembly
 DC Management
 Site Selection
 Vendor Managed Inventory
Transportation Services & Capabilities (please check all that apply)
 Small Package
 Air Cargo
 Dedicated Contract Carriage
 Fleet Acquisition/Equipment/Drivers
 Final Mile/White Glove
Special Services (please check all that apply)
 Direct to Store
 Direct to Home
 Foreign Trade Zone
 Reverse Logistics/Product Life-cycle Management
 Marketing/Customer Service/Call Center
 Global Expansion - Sourcing/Selling
 Security Analysis
 Risk Management/Contingency & Crisis Planning
Logistics/Transportation Consulting
 Labor Management
 Sustainability/Green Logistics
Technology Services & Capabilities (please check all that apply)
 ERP Integration
 Global Trade Management Solutions
 Predictive Analytics
 Supply Chain Design (modeling, simulation)
 IoT/IIoT Enablement
 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The following questions will be used for our 3PL Perspectives market roundup.
This information is strictly confidential and for research purposes only.
OPTIONAL - Please provide the names of up to 3 customers:
OPTIONAL - Please list any customer awards you have received in the past year:
SALES: During your last measurement period were sales generally up or down?
Your best guess as to how much?
PROFITS: During your last measurement period were profits up or down?
Your best guess as to how much?
CUSTOMERS: During your last measurement period did your customer base
grow or shrink? Your best guess as to how much?
To what do you attribute this growth or decline? Note whether SALES, PROFITS,
(input field is open-ended so take as much space as you need)
OPTIONAL - Please list any companies you have recently acquired:
What are the most important challenges 3PLs face today? (please check all that apply)
 Supply Chain Disruption/Contingency Planning/Risk Management
 Corporate Social Responsibility (including Sustainability)
 Data Management/Digital Transformation
 Finding/Retaining Customers
 Finding, Training, Retaining Qualified Labor
 Global Coverage
 Growth Management
 Litigation/Insurance Costs
 Making a Profit
 Meeting Customer Service Requirements
 Rising Operational Costs/Access to Capital
 Technology Investment
What disruptive innovations will have the greatest impact on logistics and supply chain
(please check all that apply):
 3D Printing
 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
 Autonomous Vehicles
 Internet of Things/IIoT
 Wearable Technology
What strategies are shippers and 3PLs using to manage current challenges?
(check all that apply)
 4PL/LLP Partnerships
 Co-locating, Collaborative Distribution
 DC Network Optimization and Realignment
 Demand-driven Supply Chain
 Intermodal Transportation
 Lean Best Practices
 Managed Technology Services
 Nearshoring or Reshoring
 Strategic Sourcing Strategies
 Supply Chain Decentralization
 Supply Chain Design
 None of the Above
Should customers generally partner with one 3PL or more than one?
 Just One
 More than One
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