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GOOD QUESTION | How would you describe your job to a five-year-old?

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Your toys and clothes are made far away. They're put in big metal boxes that go on ships across the ocean. I work with my team to make sure there's space for our customers' boxes on those ships.

Inna Kuznetsova
President and COO, INTTRA

I help companies understand ways to help employees do their job well. We use screens to show workers exactly how they are doing and what to do next, so products are shipped to people and stores on time.

Kerwin Everson
VP, Supply Chain Solutions
RMG Networks

I talk on the phone a lot to companies with trucks. I help them figure out the best trucks to use and the fastest way to (safely!) drive them so people like your parents can get the things they want on time, like a new TV, kitchen table, or PlayStation game for you.

Paul Johnson
VP, Global Solutions Consulting Descartes

Imagine using your iPad to talk to other people in the world who are buying your favorite toy. My job is to let you talk about your toy constantly and if you had a problem, ask them how to get it fixed.

Tania Seary
Founding Chairman, Procurious

My job is to help people find, pick up, and move boxes.

Eric Allais
President and CEO
PathGuide Technologies, Inc.

We move everything but people.

Brandon Stallard
CEO, TPS Logistics

Imagine that all the yummy snack food you like to eat is being made and kept in different places all over the country. I call the people who make the snacks and ask when it is ready and then take it to the grocery store where you can buy it. I get the person who is driving with the snacks ready with all the right information. I then call and make sure someone will be at the grocery store ready to put the snacks on the shelves. I do all of this as fast as I can to make sure the snacks you want are always in the store where you're shopping.

Samantha Wickman
Logistics Consultant, Zipline Logistics

When the ice cream truck comes to your neighborhood, my job is to make sure that you and everyone else on your street get treats on time without having to wait too long. I map out the most efficient route and make sure that the truck is properly stocked and well refrigerated so that if you want an ice cream sandwich, and your friend wants a popsicle, we have enough of both when you reach the window and they are just as you expected (frozen, never thawed, not smashed).

Jon Wiederecht
Director of Lean Enterprise & Operations

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