April 2020 | News | Infographic

Logistics Lexicon for the Times

Tags: Logistics, Education

Always responder


Logistics professional who keeps goods moving at all times, including crisis situations.


Replenishment algorithms


If-then inventory scenarios that can be adjusted to ensure grocery supply chains can respond to surging demand.


No-contact or contactless delivery


Completing transport to a prearranged location without any face-to-face interaction.


Digital disconnection


Rest phase recommended for truck drivers and work-from-home personnel.



Surge capacity


Built-in additional manufacturing capacity put in place as a result of a previous crisis. Can be reactivated when demand spikes.


Non-signature POD


Waiving signature requirements for proof-of-delivery confirmation.



Vessel sharing


Arrangement between ocean container carriers to increase capacity and provide more connections for shippers.


Isolate and operate


Strategy of using wide spaces to separate key personnel and keep port terminals running.


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