Reusable Packaging Maker Increases Savings and Reduces Waste with Transplace Solution

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By adopting Transplace’s Dynamic Continuous Moves solution, Tosca was able to reduce transportation costs by more than 10% while continuing to provide exceptional service to its customers.

The Challenge

A leader in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, Tosca provides retailers, growers, and suppliers with reusable containers for shipping perishables. The continual process of delivering and collecting reusable containers generates a high volume of inbound and outbound shipments from its facilities and customer locations throughout North America. This spurred the company to find new, innovative ways to drive efficiencies within its transportation network, reduce supply chain costs and better serve its customers.

The Solution

Tosca became an early adopter of Transplace’s Dynamic Continuous Moves solution.

This initiative, which went live March 1, 2019, leverages the scale of the Transplace network using artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantly identify millions of pairing possibilities, and then narrow those down based on key parameters, including rate, empty miles, and service and equipment requirements.

As a result of being dynamically paired with other customer shipments, Tosca has been able to reduce transportation costs related to the program by more than 10% while continuing to provide exceptional service to its customers.

Creating continuous moves keeps carrier capacity within the Transplace network, giving Tosca access to greater capacity while increasing truck utilization and reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Tosca and Transplace—delivering more savings and less waste.

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