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Making Strategic Carrier Decisions for Shippers With a New TMS - MD Logistics

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To better serve customers, MD Logistics implemented a game-changing TMS.

The Challenge

Transportation expenses associated with shipping commodities across the world can be mitigated with strategic freight decisions. Successful companies understand the importance of freight optimization—the process of strategically selecting carriers based on a variety of factors, including price, service offerings, and retail compliance.

Historically, MD Logistics utilized a Transportation Management System (TMS), which manually optimized freight solutions for customers that elected for the value-added service. But this system lacked full integration into the MD Logistics WMS, the ability to rate shop, optimize freight spend, and route freight automatically.

The Solution

MD Logistics noticed their customers were making freight decisions in house, often resulting in securing high freight prices for carriers that weren't the most strategic choice for their commodities. To better serve customers, MD Logistics implemented a game-changing solution by adopting the Agile TMS and integrating it into its current JDA/RedPrairie Warehouse Management System (WMS). This integration allows MD Logistics to find customers the most strategic carrier based on a variety of factors, including price, transit times, and retail compliance.

This turnkey solution requires no human intervention, such as manual entry or carrier negotiation, once rates and services are established. Instead, Agile TMS works with the WMS to automatically price shipments simultaneously amongst carriers that meet a customer's specific delivery needs, keeping strict quality control. MD Logistics can efficiently and cost-effectively handle freight selection and important tasks such as filing claim paperwork, auditing invoices, and managing non-deliverables for customers that opt for the value-added service. Custom reports are easily generated through the WMS, enabling MD Logistics and their customers to analyze their supply chain to make continuous improvements. The integrated TMS also removes guesswork from the equation; customers can track their shipments until final delivery through MD Logistics' online portal, MD Net.

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