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Regional Supplements, EcoDev & Site Selection

Alaska: Logistics at the Global Crossroads April 2013 | 7 pgs. | 1.34 MB

Shipments moving to, from, and through Alaska connect the state’s businesses and residents with the rest of the world.

2013 Global Logistics Guide March 2013 | 11 pgs. | 4.86 MB

This annual guide presents an updated transportation and logistics world atlas chock-full of need-to-know information.

Georgia: Logistics Front and Center March 2013 | 27 pgs. | 6.47 MB

A prime geographic location positions businesses in Georgia to take the lead.

E-commerce: Finding the Sweet Spot March 2013 | 7 pgs. | 2.11 MB

Online retailers seeking new DC and warehouse sites need the transportation infrastructure and other resources to support a constant, rapid-fire flow of shipments.

Kentucky: Racing Toward Logistics Leadership November 2012 | 5 pgs. | 1.54 MB

Kentucky is building America’s future with its technological savvy, good jobs, hard work, and a government focused on making the most of the state’s logistics assets.

Great Sites: All-Star Logistics Lineup October 2012 | 11 pgs. | 4.91 MB

U.S. logistics professionals know when it comes to manufacturing and distribution facilities, these locations are a home run.

Memphis: Incomparable Reach October 2012 | 21 pgs. | 4.03 MB

An outstanding variety of transportation options helps make Memphis an ideal location for logistics operations.

Nebraska: A Can-do Logistics Leader September 2012 | 9 pgs. | 2.85 MB

When it comes to logistics — or, for that matter, most areas of business life — Nebraska is in the driver’s seat.

Utilities and Site Selection: Energized for Success August 2012 | 9 pgs. | 2.22 MB

For many businesses selecting sites for new distribution centers and warehouses, ensuring adequate and affordable energy to power the facility is a challenge. Smart companies enlist the help of local resources to explore the cost of utilities in municipalities they are considering for new locations.

Canada Trade: Driving Growth Northward July 2012 | 15 pgs. | 2.98 MB

Increasing demand for U.S. goods in Canada represents a positive sign for the economies of both countries. But keeping cross-border shipments moving requires building smart and savvy logistics operations.

Beating the Odds in Latin America June 2012 | 9 pgs. | 1.88 MB

Multinational corporations are gambling on the Latin American market’s growth potential. But when it comes to meeting the region’s supply chain challenges, all bets are off.

San Antonio: At the Crossroads of Opportunity May 2012 | 7 pgs. | 1.31 MB

Centralized location and a fast-growing economy are luring U.S. and international businesses to discover San Antonio’s supply chain benefits.

Intermodal: More Than Roads and Rails May 2012 | 9 pgs. | 2.12 MB

Intermodal service excellence well-connected transportation infrastructure, plus support from knowledgeable logistics service providers, a skilled workforce, and affordable utilities.

Logistics in Alaska: Taming the Last Frontier April 2012 | 6 pgs. | 1.42 MB

Shipping to and from the wilds of Alaska requires the expertise and specialized equipment offered by intrepid transportation providers.

2012 Global Logistics Guide March 2012 | 1 pgs. | 6.18 MB

Inbound Logistics surveys the transportation infrastructure, technological competence, and business culture of global hotspots to help shippers identify and evaluate expansion opportunities.

South Carolina: Invested in Logistics Excellence March 2012 | 17 pgs. | 3.89 MB

Businesses reap big benefits when they locate manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, an established logistics, supply chain, and distribution leader.

Wind Power: Generating Logistics Opportunities March 2012 | 7 pgs. | 1.41 MB

The domestic wind power industry continues to grow, expand, and excel – and equipment manufacturers and specialty transportation providers are growing with it.

Florida Ports: Bright Outlook for the Sunshine State January 2012 | 3 pgs. | 1.32 MB

The promise of increasing Latin American trade volumes and Asian imports has Florida on the path to becoming a cargo crossroads.

Airportfolio: Set to Soar November 2011 | 5 pgs. | 1.61 MB

The global supply chain relies on airport facilities with the infrastructure and capacity to handle shipments safely and efficiently. The six U.S. airports profiled here are first-class all the way.

Illinois-Missouri Bi-State Region: Logistics Center of Attention October 2011 | 11 pgs. | 2.95 MB

A central location, well-developed transportation infrastructure, emerging trade connections with Asia and South America, and unified vision for economic development have made the bi-state metropolitan area around St. Louis a global intermodal crossroads.

Strategic Logistics Sites: In the Right Place at the Right Time October 2011 | 7 pgs. | 1.97 MB

Locating your manufacturing or distribution business in a great logistics site puts you where you need to be, when you need to be there. Discover the advantages of Buffalo Niagara, N.Y.; Joplin, Mo.; Southern California; and Nebraska.

Portfolio: California Ports Make Waves October 2011 | 4 pgs. | 1.27 MB

Golden State ports process high volumes of both import and export shipments. Five port profiles deliver a sample of the state’s offerings.

Nebraska: Lasting Logistics Appeal September 2011 | 13 pgs. | 3.47 MB

A central U.S. location, dedicated workforce, and affordable industrial power combine to make Nebraska an ideal site for logistics operations.

Utilities & Site Selection: A Powerful Partnership August 2011 | 5 pgs. | 2.02 MB

Energy resources often spell the difference between an adequate location and a great one. What better argument for plugging into energy utilities during the site selection process?

Due North: U.S.-Canada Trade Flows Steady July 2011 | 15 pgs. | 2.83 MB

By allying with strong logistics and supply chain providers, shippers encounter fewer obstacles in U.S.-Canada cross-border trade.

U.S. Intermodal Gets a Lift: America’s Great Rail Sites & Services May 2011 | 11 pgs. | 2.22 MB

Intermodal connections help shippers move product quickly and efficiently. Get on track with some locations, utilities, and service providers that are helping intermodal grow.

2011 Global Logistics Guide March 2011 | 9 pgs. | 5.59 MB

Inbound Logistics’ seventh-annual Global Logistics Guide presents a transportation and logistics world atlas to help you map locations for further exploration.

South Carolina: The Logistics Advantage March 2011 | 23 pgs. | 15.59 MB

Boasting proximity to major U.S. markets and a wealth of transportation resources, the Palmetto State leads the Southeast in serving the nation’s distribution needs.

Portfolio: Mid-Atlantic Ports January 2011 | 3 pgs. | 0.69 MB

With historical trades ties to Europe and emerging connections with Asia, U.S. Mid-Atlantic ports are streaming forward with shifting trade currents and demand.

Sponsored Editorial: Great Logistics Sites: Supply Chain Central October 2010 | 7 pgs. | 1.96 MB

Here's a look at five regions where the elements of logistics greatness, including positions in the U.S. heartland, really add up.

Digital Must Haves

January 2020 January 2020 | 420 pgs. | 103.9 MB

Kickstart the decade with this special edition that explores new strategies, goals, and technologies transforming supply chain operations. Designed to help you prepare for 2020 and beyond, this blockbuster issue packs predictions, insights, and to-do’s to reshape your approach and boost supply chain efficiency. And the logistics leaders profiled in this special Planner Profile edition will help you get your supply chain in gear and on the road to transformation.

July 2019 July 2019 | 245 pgs. | 40.1 MB

Inbound Logistics’ annual 3PL edition delivers the actionable, how-to information you need to forge long-lasting, beneficial supply chain partnerships. This edition spotlights three shipper-provider team-ups that set the stage for success, reveals the Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Providers that IL editors deem the best of the best, and honors the reader-voted Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards winners. We also get behind the wheel of the aftermarket auto parts supply chain and the logistics driving the Indy 500. Download now for content that helps you optimize your supply chain.

2020 Logistics Planner January 2020 | 128 pgs. | 16.6 MB

Find the right technology solutions and transportation and logistics partners to drive supply chain efficiency. The 2020 Logistics Planner, 28 years strong, is updated with profiles of leaders in supply chain, transportation, technology, logistics, and more who stand ready to help you face upcoming challenges and optimize your enterprise.

Top 100 3PL Providers July 2019 | 19 pgs. | 0.81 MB

Our annual directory showcases the logistics service providers that are one step ahead of the rest.

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards July 2019 | 8 pgs. | 1.1 MB

The Inbound Logistics audience has stamped it license-plate official: These top-tier third-party logistics providers deserve accolades and the distinction of being a Top 10 3PL.

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