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Managing Inbound Transportation: All On Board FOB

By helping tire importer TBC Corporation convert its inbound transportation to free-on-board (FOB) terms and control freight costs, American Global Logistics rolled out a supply chain transformation.

Jill Hesselroth

Reader Profile

Jill Hesselroth: Opportunity Knocks

Jill Hesselroth, vice president, global supply chain at Nortech Systems, analyzes the company’s supply chain to identify opportunities for improvement and leads the implementation of those improvements.


Tom Sanderson

3PL Line: Third-Party Logistics PerspectivesTom Sanderson

The Safety Measurement System: A Flawed Assessment of Motor Carrier Conduct

The Safety Measurement System (SMS) methodology is a flawed approach to assessing motor carrier safety performance, writes Tom Sanderson, CEO of Transplace, and chairman of the Alliance for Safe, Efficient, and Competitive Truck Transportation.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Delivering the Final Smile

The use of new technology and tools—such as email, cellphones, and social media—allows shippers to stay involved, from order to final-mile delivery, no matter what the shipment, to create a superior customer service experience.

Lorcan Sheehan

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyLorcan Sheehan

Safeguarding Your Supply Chain Against Rising Fuel Prices

Shippers can protect their supply chains against rising fuel costs by optimizing distribution networks, creating a flexible infrastructure, and managing shipping practices.

Anne Barry

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceAnne Barry

Warning! Dangerous Lack of Support for Hazmat Professionals Ahead

Companies responsible for shipping or carrying dangerous goods need qualified hazardous materials professionals, writes Anne Barry, Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles. The Blueprint for Success initiative strives to elevate recognition of the critical function performed by these experts.

Joe LaFergola

Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisJoe LaFergola

VMS Lifts Warehouse Labor Productivity

Vehicle management systems allow lift truck operators to complete pre-operation checklists electronically, saving valuable production time, writes Joe LaFergola of The Raymond Corporation.


Ten Tips

Boosting Supply Chain Sustainability

Optimizing packaging, streamlining transportation, and maximizing space usage are among the ways businesses can boost their supply chain sustainability, writes Alan Amling of UPS.


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