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Azteca Foods Craves Inventory Management System 

When Azteca Foods outgrew its manual pallet tracking system in its production facility, Barcoding Inc. delivered a solution.

Reader Profile

Lin Ding: A Healthy Perspective on Procurement

Lin Ding, procurement manager at Ultimate Medical Academy, manages a team with a shared focus on procurement, supplier management, and contract management.


Felecia Stratton

Checking InFelecia Stratton

Whatever It Takes

The true measure of customer service is what team members, carriers, and supply chain partners do when something goes wrong.

Greg Braun

Online ExclusiveFine Print: Supply Chain Legal IssuesGreg Braun

How “Chain of Responsibility” Affects the Supply Chain

The potential legislation of COR-related laws is expected to have a profound effect on all areas of the supply chain, requiring changes that will ultimately come at an increased cost.

Good Question

Is Logistics Boring?

Readers explain why this adjective does not apply.

Jerry Stoll

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyJerry Stoll

Dimensioning on the Move

For quickly measuring freight at the point of pick-up, for reclassifying pallets, and for low-volume operations, mobile dimensioning is a low-cost game-changer.

Sid Geddam

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologySid Geddam

Building the Connected Warehouse

A connected warehouse maximizes warehouse efficiency, as well as positions a company to decisively navigate constant changes across the supply chain. Real-time data intelligence delivers the visibility and control needed to effect measurable improvements.

Cheryl Citrone

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceCheryl Citrone

Attracting More Women to the Transportation Profession

Establishing the groundwork and collaboration are vital to developing the solutions needed for the significant workforce challenges faced by the transportation industry. A key part of the mission is to attract women to the traditionally male-dominated transportation profession.

Paul A. Myerson

The Lean Supply ChainPaul A. Myerson

RFID: More Than Just a Better Barcode

Radio Frequency Identification Technology has a multitude of benefits that can have a significant impact on reducing and eliminating waste in the extended supply chain.

Brett Conner

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisBrett Conner

Naughty or Nice—Which Retailers and Delivery Services Will Make the Grade this Holiday Season?

The holiday season is well underway, increasing the pressure on companies to address transportation problems and change the outcome before they turn into costly errors.

Malysa O’Connor

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisMalysa O’Connor

The Perfect Order Has Evolved—Has Your Workforce Management Strategy?

By focusing on the frontline workforce—the biggest component to delivering the perfect order—companies can uncover hidden costs, maximize performance, and manage compliance risk.


Ten Tips

Supporting Sustainability Throughout the Supply Chain

Companies can support sustainability throughout their supply chains with these approaches.


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