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I.T. Toolkit

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitude

When an outdated warehouse management system was putting a dent in a distributor’s workflow, it turned to a technology partner to grow its e-commerce business.


All in the Family

Profile of Kristy Knichel, president and CEO of Knichel Logistics

Reader Profile

Michael Fries: No Small Potatoes

Profile of Michael Fries, senior business intelligence logistics analyst at U.S. Foods, drills into data to find opportunities to make or save money in the company’s logistics operations.


Felecia Stratton

Checking InFelecia Stratton

You Are Never Too Cool for School

To excel in a supply chain management career, students and employees need broad knowledge and skillsets that extend across the entire supply chain function.

Good Question

What's the first thing you would do to address the truck driver shortage?

Readers weigh in on how to address the truck driver shortage.

Jon M. Van Winkle

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyJon M. Van Winkle

Getting Fleets Mobile Ready

Asking the right questions as you begin the evaluation and purchase process is a step in the right direction to help get your fleet mobile ready.

Nick Cicero

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyNick Cicero

Leverage Dashboard Technology to Improve Decision-Making Capabilities

For logistics professionals, data is meaningless without context. Dashboards help provide context and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Chase Sowden

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyChase Sowden

Tapping the Power of Performance Management

When performance management processes are functioning properly, the link between strategic business objectives and day-to-day actions comes together.

Clint Lasher

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisClint Lasher

Fine-tuning the Modern Distribution Center

Sound strategies for maintaining, optimizing, and modernizing materials handling systems can mitigate risk in today’s DC and go a long way toward ensuring a smooth ride in the supply chain.

Sheik M. Ayube

Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisSheik M. Ayube

Corporate Citizenship Starts With the Supply Chain 

Driven by the realization that business and society can no longer intersect at the crossroads of profits first and society second, business is embracing a new order that puts the interests of society on a level that is at par with the interests of business. This has prompted a closer look at the supply chain and an increased emphasis on sustainable sourcing.


Ten Tips

Optimizing Freight Spend

Managing your transportation budget is key to operate Lean and find ways to shed excess cost. Use these tips help lower shipping costs.


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