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Hospitality Supplier Reserves Room to Grow With WMS

Through automated, rules-based wave management and replenishment, American Hotel Register Company was able to eliminate manual sortation and create multiple, tailored options to proactively release orders by type.


DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake: AWESOME Outlook

Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics, studies people for a living. Join her team at DSC Logistics, and she'll soon discover what makes you tick.

Reader Profile

Jim Lambo: Eye on the Sky

Jim Lambo, director of supplier management and procurement at Insitu, manages procurement and suppliers for all goods and services.


Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Perfect Security by 2025?

New technology enables new advances in supply chain security. What will security look like in 2025?

Tom Barnes

Online ExclusiveEcoDevTom Barnes

Shippers Should See Positives from the Trade Promotion Act

The Trade Promotion Act (TPA) allows U.S. companies to expand into markets that would normally be out of reach due to trade barriers. It forges the path toward competitive opportunities and overall success in global markets for U.S. shippers.

Chris Cotter

Fine Print: Supply Chain Legal IssuesChris Cotter

The Trials and Errors of Preventability Determinations

This article provides simple but important actions a motor carrier can take to put itself in a position to avoid a jury verdict potentially based on an improper standard or misleading evidence.

Good Question

What hobbies/activities make you better at supply chain and logistics management?

Readers weigh in on what hobbies make them better at supply chain and logistics management.

Eric Allais

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyEric Allais

Two Key Factors Drive WMS Adoption Today

The warehouse management system (WMS) has emerged as a valuable tool for tracking and streamlining tasks, the workforce, and material/equipment flows. Here are two factors driving its adoption today.

Roger Marks

Online ExclusiveReverse LogisticsRoger Marks

Retailers Get Help With New DOT “Reverse Logistics” Rules

The reverse logistics hazmat rule became effective immediately upon publication on March 31, 2016, making it critical that retail store owners and distribution managers get up to speed quickly. Here's how.

Kirsten Wallerstedt

Risks and Rewards: Risk Management StrategiesKirsten Wallerstedt

Europe Raises the Compliance Bar. Is Your Supply Chain Prepared?

The anticipated shifts in the European regulatory landscape introduce new tensions along the world’s supply chains. The establishment of cross-functional teams inside a company’s management structure can help an integrated strategy to succeed.

Lauren Willison

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceLauren Willison

How STEM is Revolutionizing the Future of Logistics

STEM disciplines broaden the field of logistics and industry standards by involving process strategies, planning, implementation tactics, and optimization in supply and demand. This is a fact students are recognizing and capitalizing on.

Aleksejs Volcenkovs

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisAleksejs Volcenkovs

How to Use Pallet Collars to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Using pallet collars in the warehouse can increase how efficiently your goods are stored, shipped, and delivered.


Ten Tips

Creating a Lean and Green Culture

Launching a cost cutting, productivity-enhancing, or sustainability initiative creates efficiencies with environmental benefits and cost reductions.


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