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Chainsaw Maker Massacres Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Oregon-based manufacturer Blount International was bleeding money from leaks all across its supply chain. It found that the correct application of the right data management technology provided and maintained by the right partner was the solution to the problem.


Doug Waggoner: Managing By Consensus and Common Sense

Profile of Doug Waggoner, CEO and chairman, Echo Global Logistics

Reader Profile

Rogerio Branco: Powering the Supply Chain Team

Profile of Rogerio Branco, senior vice president, supply chain management, with Eaton.


Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Politically Direct

Border discussions may be politically incorrect but they are necessary.

Barry Matherly

EcoDevBarry Matherly

Reshoring Resources Bring It All Back Home

As U.S. firms continue to reshore, new supply chain opportunities are arising for both shippers and providers. Manufacturers and their logistics service providers should understand the reshoring trend and the resources that are available to assist them with both the reshoring decision and process.

Good Question

GOOD QUESTION | How would you define a 4PL?

Readers weigh in and give the 411 on “4PL.”

Walter Lynch

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceWalter Lynch

Instill Passion, Purpose, and Leadership To Attract and Retain Logistics Talent

Hiring challenges in the supply chain sector include attracting the best talent, developing leaders, and retaining high performers. To solve these issues, employers must step up and build training programs that instill passion, share purpose, provide clear leadership and promotion tracks, are authentic, and ultimately diminish turnover.

Lori Thorp

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain PerspectivesLori Thorp

Empower Users to Create and Update Labels for Supply Chain Efficiency

Ensuring labeling accuracy and consistency is critical to supporting efficiency up and down the supply chain. Here's one approach that can ensure your labels boost supply chain activities.

Theodore Prince

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain PerspectivesTheodore Prince

Houston, We've Got a Problem

The September 2016 Intermodal EXPO provides the setting for a thoughtful discussion on the ocean shipping sector: its prospects and how it impacts the intermodal industry.

Paul A. Myerson

The Lean Supply ChainPaul A. Myerson

Lean: It’s Not About Pens and Pencils Anymore

Despite Lean traditionally being thought of as a “pen and pencil” technique, it is in fact a key enabler of a lean supply chain linking lean thinking with available and affordable systems and technologies to get the most out of improved processes.

Donna Cook

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisDonna Cook

Getting Ready for ACE

The business of importing and exporting with the United States reaches a milestone at the end of 2016 when the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is fully implemented. To make its rollout seamless, FedEx developed a contingency approach that can be useful to other organizations as they adapt to this new era in trade.

Mark Montague

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisMark Montague

Amid Hanjin Backlog, Shippers Can Turn to Port Strike Strategies

Shippers will be feeling the ripple effects of Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy for weeks or months to come. Here's how looking at a past disruption can inform strategies for this current backlog.

Neal Walters, Matthew Getz, and Mike Piccarreta

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisNeal Walters, Matthew Getz, and Mike Piccarreta

Reshape and Refresh Your Product Portfolio for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Product proliferation can bring supply chain inefficiencies. Here's a comprehensive approach to refreshing your product offerings that can reduce complexity and increase the bottom line.


Ten Tips

Making the Last Mile a Differentiator

As consumers expect increasingly shorter delivery windows, last-mile proximity isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must-have. Will O’Shea of XPO Logistics’ offers these tips to leverage the last mile into a competitive differentiator.


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