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The Leader of the Pack

Randa improves pick, pack and ship process with supply chain consulting firm VSS and Cybra's MarkMagic barcode labeling software


On-Demand, One Package at a Time

Profile of Victor Finnegan, president and CEO, American Expediting

Reader Profile

Leading a Supply Chain With Dogged Determination

A profile of Matt Cantatore, COO of Ollie, a national service that delivers healthy, high-quality pet food that it sells direct-to-consumers.


Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Singularity: Shape-Shifting Self-Aware Supply Chains?

Four recent independent Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances indicate that self-aware supply chains, or what some are calling cognitive supply chains, may be closer than we think.

Good QuestionKatrina Arabe

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the first thing you would do to address the supply chain talent gap?

Readers reveal the first action they would take to address the supply chain talent gap.

Amy Wren

Smart Moves: Supply Chain Careers & Education AdviceAmy Wren

Tackling the Talent Gap From the Inside Out

To address today’s logistics talent gap, we need to rethink how we rethink the pipeline for talent in our own companies.

Rick Brumett

Trade Compliance StrategistRick Brumett

Don't Gamble With Trade Compliance

The complex international trade environment requires due diligence for shippers to remain compliant with ever-changing rules and restrictions.

Eric Woodie

Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisEric Woodie

Soy to the World

The longer the trade tensions between the United States and other countries persist, the more the U.S. agricultural industry needs to rally around containerized soybean shipping to overseas markets.


Ten Tips

Securing Truckload Capacity

Practical steps that shippers can take to improve their success in securing capacity.


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