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Distributors, Shippers Eye Surcharging to Stay Afloat Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Accepting credit cards can be a major differentiator for businesses, enabling customers to pay however is most convenient for them. To balance this need with the necessity of maintaining margins, consider credit card surcharging.

I.T. Toolkit

Extreme Networks Rewires Its Supply Chain

Extreme Networks’ acquisition spree provided the perfect reason to overhaul its supply chain practices and processes.

Reader Profile

The True Value of Supply Chain Transformation

Profile of Lyndsi Lee, vice president of supply chain with hardware and home improvement wholesaler True Value, who drives end-to-end supply chain optimization, develop integrated planning and logistics strategies, and build best-in-class sourcing programs.


Online ExclusiveMike Short, President of Global Freight Forwarding, C.H. Robinson

COVID-19 Pandemic: Do Your Shipments Have the Right Protection?

With the right risk-management plan, shippers can better understand the risks facing their supply chain operations and make sure their business is prepared by protecting the value of goods shipped globally.

Online ExclusiveJason Mancuso, Director, Professional Services SCM Practice

Labeling Is Key in Keeping Up with Today’s Supply Chain

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for supply chain and logistics management, and the pressure is on to deliver essential supplies, such as toilet paper and food, to consumers on time. Successfully delivering a product on time involves many factors, and labeling shipments correctly is one of them.

Online ExclusiveMichele Sperle, Director, Riskonnect

How Can Trucking Companies Navigate COVID-19-Driven Regulation Complexity?

Shifting COVID-19 guidelines and consumer demands are a constantly moving target for truck drivers and transport companies. What steps can they take to stay healthy, flexible, and compliant all at the same time?

Online ExclusiveRay Hatch, CEO, Quest Resource Management Group

Carbon Neutrality Is Shaping the Fleets of the Future

Companies making carbon neutrality a priority need carbon-friendly fleets to move their products. These key steps can help make your entire fleet more carbon friendly so you can better reach these companies.

Online ExclusiveJia Yung, Marketing Manager, Portcast

Quantifying the Impact of COVID-19 on the Supply Chain

With dynamic updates on missed transits, rollovers, arrival notification, and port congestion during COVID-19, shippers can make decisions proactively and avoid inefficient costs due to detention and demurrage, expedited freight, and buffer stock.

Online ExclusiveStephany Lapierre, Founder/CEO of Tealbook

How Machine Learning Solves the COVID-19 Supplier Discovery Dilemma

Companies in all industries are struggling to ensure they have the PPE on hand to continue operating, and that is no easy feat. Some products and materials are scarce, and visibility into the supply chain is limited. What matters most is speed, agility, and risk mitigation—machine learning can deliver on all three of these important factors.

Online ExclusiveAdam Compain, CEO, ClearMetal

What Is a Continuous Delivery Experience and How Has COVID-19 Increased Its Importance in the Supply Chain?

As the country and global economy begin to recover, the question on everyone's minds is: “What will re-entry into the business world look like?” As companies transition into the “new normal,” implementing a CDX solution is of the utmost importance.

Online ExclusiveCarrie Song, Vice President Sales, Renewable Fuel at Neste

Life After COVID-19: New Realities, New Thinking, New Approaches

COVID-19 and its effect on daily life have key fleet operators speculating whether this might be time to reset our approach to transportation fuels. The impact of reduced petroleum fuel use can be quantified by our cleaner air and reduced daily traffic congestion, making this a favorable time to consider cleaner fueling alternatives.

Online ExclusiveJeff Pepperworth, President and CEO, iGPS Logistics

Supply Chain Cleanliness Matters—During and Beyond COVID-19

Fulfillment centers have adapted throughout COVID-19, supplying workers with masks, suspending in-person meetings, and enhancing their cleaning protocols. Suppliers will need to remember the lessons learned, even beyond the pandemic.

Online ExclusiveJuan D. Morales, Global Practice Leader of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation at Stanton Chase

Creative, Agile Leaders Look to Technology for Answers in a Post-Pandemic World

Supply chain leaders pivot their companies in response to anticipated lower volumes of cargo during the COVID-19 outbreak and use innovative solutions to accommodate new delivery options.

Online ExclusiveShash Anand, Vice President of Product Strategy, SOTI

Adapting Supply Chain Strategies Amid COVID-19

It's more important than ever for transportation and logistics companies to have an effective mobility strategy in place. Shippers can adjust their existing protocols with COVID-19-related policies by implementing these technologies and practices.

Online ExclusiveTodd J. Ohlms, Esq., Partner, Litigation Practice Group, Freeborn & Peters LLP

6 Keys to Pandemic Preparedness

Looking at what you could have done differently to be better prepared for the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19? Companies that have fared the best to date did the following 6 things well in advance of the pandemic.

Online ExclusiveGreg Karr, Service Delivery Manager, Capgemini Invent

Trucking Companies Need to Flex in the Face of Disruption

This is an unprecedented time of disruption and volatility. The pandemic is showing the need to be more diversified. Trucking companies built around a specific customer base shut down when that industry shut down. Oversaturation in one market or customer base means disruptions hit harder. Companies supporting the food and beverage supply chain saw traffic jump exponentially, as grocery stores remained open and in high demand.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Staying Productive in Unproductive Times

Rather than wait for the next man-caused disruption or pandemic, smart business managers are extracting knowledge from a forensic investigation of their operations based on COVID-19 stress and kicking bad practices to the curb.

Good QuestionKatrina Arabe

What's the most unexpectedly good advice you've received about the supply chain?

Good Question: We asked and you answered—this is the most unexpected supply chain advice our readers have ever received.

Bruce Orcutt

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyBruce Orcutt

It's Time to Digitize Your Back Office

To accelerate growth and profitability, shippers need to eliminate manual back-office functions and integrate processing across the entire supply chain with carriers and other trading partners. However, knowing which processes to start with, and deciding what technology to use to automate, is often a challenge.

Julio Casal

Risks and Rewards: Risk Management StrategiesJulio Casal

What's Lurking in Your Supply Chain?

An often overlooked source of security vulnerability is your supply chain. If you can’t honestly say you are fully apprised of the security postures of your vendors, partners and contractors, you are at major risk of a cyberattack.

Paul A. Myerson

The Lean Supply ChainPaul A. Myerson

The Road Map Out of This Mess

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the shortcomings of a supply chain that is perhaps too lean. However, to be “lean” doesn’t mean keeping extremely low inventory levels with no coordination or backup plan.


Ten Tips

10 Tips for Leading Your Team

These 10 tips for clear and effective supply chain leadership can help set your company's culture and motivate employees to work together toward a common goal.


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