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GE Appliances Flips Its Smart Switch

GE recently launched its in-house SmartHQ Solutions suite. The SmartHQ Distribution module uses big data and smart warehouse technology to track real-time traffic, reduce product handling, and improve on-time delivery.


Head of the Breakfast Club

To create an environment of collaboration and provide all employees with access to senior management, Paul Tessy, senior vice president at Purolator International, sits down for breakfast every Wednesday morning with employees at every level of the company.


Online ExclusiveSydney Wess, Supply Chain Research and Content Lead, Clutch

5 Tips for Evaluating Logistics Service Providers

When selecting the best provider for your company, there’s a lot to consider to ensure that freight is handled efficiently and with great care. Keep the following five tips in mind when evaluating your partnerships.

Online ExclusiveVictor Chen, Principal, Supply Chain, Capgemini North America

The Great Freight Debate: What’s Next for the Industry?

With the shock wearing off and operations starting to stabilize, organizations shift their focus to the future. The overwhelming challenge is navigating the uncertainty. Here are four freight trends worth paying attention to moving forward.

Online ExclusiveChristopher J. Connor, President and CEO, American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)

In Allocating Virus Crisis Relief, U.S. Policymakers Can’t Ignore America’s Ports

America’s seaports and essential workers deliver critical goods to the front line of COVID-19 battlegrounds every day. Policymakers cannot ignore U.S. ports in their time of need.

Online ExclusiveLior Sion, CTO and Founder, Bringg

Controlling Your Own Destiny: Why Shippers Must Find Ways to Ensure Supply Chain Resiliency

Supply chain disruptions may be a reality the world will continue to contend with. How can shippers weather the COVID-19 storm and maintain a semblance of business continuity during periods of such uncertainty? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, shipping organizations must take more control of their own destinies. These key business strategies will help shippers secure their supply chain resiliency well into the future.

Online ExclusiveDoug Hoehn, Executive Vice President of Chassis & Containers, Milestone Equipment Holdings

Power Through Logistics Challenges with New, Modern Chassis

When COVID-19 rocked the world, many companies were utilizing pool chassis in major ports and inland rail locations. However, with many pool chassis ranging in age from 20 to 25 years old, this led to serious problems, such as breakdowns and lack of availability. Leasing new, premium chassis could help prevent these problems.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

A Plan for Freight Excellence

Anyone who has been in our industry for a while has seen federal initiatives that address transportation inequities without moving the needle much. The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Freight Strategic Plan is different because it focuses squarely on freight. Here are the plan's four key goals.

Mark Wheeler

E_CommerceMark Wheeler

Shopping for E-Fulfillment Efficiencies

Online grocery shopping has morphed from a temporary necessity to a new way of life. Retailers with the best order fulfillment process and the highest-quality customer service will gain the upper hand.

Good QuestionKatrina Arabe

Should the Emergency Suspension of Hours-of-Service Rules be Extended?

Supply chain leaders share their insight and opinions on whether the emergency suspension of Hours-of-Service rules should be extended.

Paul A. Myerson

The Lean Supply ChainPaul A. Myerson

Lessons Learned: Risk Mitigation Strategies for the Future

Companies can avoid some of the pitfalls of supply chain risk by developing risk mitigation strategies such as supply chain mapping and applying the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. To mitigate risk, your company should have these five capabilities.

Kraig Foreman

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisKraig Foreman

Return-to-School Period Will Test Retailers and 3PLs

The return-to-school shopping period is an important dress rehearsal for the upcoming peak season.


Ten Tips

Cold Storage Efficiency

Cold storage facilities have their own unique challenges and, therefore, require unique tools for optimized efficiency and cost savings. Here are 10 tips for optimal cold storage efficiency.


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