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Marc Hansult: Here Today, Ghana Tomorrow

Profile of Marc Hansult, co-founder and co-chief executive officer with DRTR (Do The Right Thing) Apparel.


Online ExclusiveDaniel Theobald, CEO and Founder, Vecna Robotics

4 Ways to Unlock the True Potential of Warehouse Automation

While warehouse and logistics professionals are great at problem-solving, they often don’t have access to data that will help them anticipate factors that will impact their operational efficiencies. AI, however, can. Here are four ways AI-powered orchestration engines can help improve productivity and efficiency in warehouse settings.

Online ExclusiveAlex Sampera, VP of Product Management, Descartes

Navigating Demand Spikes: Automating Your Way to Successful Peak Seasons

Whether driven by traditional shopping peaks or unexpected consumer demand, technology-enabled warehouse operations, fulfillment practices, and transportation planning are essential in helping omnichannel retailers effectively manage surging order volumes when they do hit.

Keith Biondo

Checking InKeith Biondo

Robots and People: Co-Evolving

The virus economy may have spawned an increase in investing in automation, but wearables and new handheld devices remind us that humans have the edge over robots in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and costs for many supply chain-related jobs.

Good Question

What fictional character or historical figure would you put in charge of global vaccine logistics and distribution?

From superheroes to strategists, here are the fictional figures and real-life people that IL readers would put in charge of global vaccine logistics and distribution.

Online ExclusiveIT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyJason Tham, CEO, Nulogy

Agility Over Forecasting: Three Steps to a More Agile Supply Chain

Instead of relying on fine-tuning forecasting models, CPGs would be far better equipped to manage supply chain disruptions by embracing operational agility. Here's how.

Lindsey Shellman

IT Matters: Logistics & Supply Chain TechnologyLindsey Shellman

Technology Must Be a Theme in 2021

As more companies involved in supply chain adopt technology out of necessity, it is hard to see them ever turning back. Technology continues to be viewed as beneficial, driving the industry to evolve and flourish.

Online ExclusiveSupply Chain TechnologySteven Tompkins, Director of Sector Development, Inmarsat

The Rail Networks of Tomorrow Will Ride on Satellite Connectivity

As new networks such as 5G are rolled out, satellite is set to play a key role in filling the gaps in communications capabilities in rail networks and building more resilient supply chains.

Hannah Testani

Supply Chain VisibilityHannah Testani

Getting a Grasp on Transport Spend

The next frontier in supply chain visibility entails leveraging powerful analytical tools and algorithms to create maximum efficiency on the ground, and help shippers adapt to a constantly changing shipping environment.

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisVenkatesh Ramakrishnan, Head of Logistics Vertical, Nokia Enterprise

Does Lean Have a Limit?

Automation and intelligence will be key tools in developing supply chain resilience. Companies can start by implementing these three key enablers.

Online ExclusiveViewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain AnalysisRich Pedott, Partner, Columbus Consulting

Fulfillment and Logistics Drive Retail Customer Loyalty

Businesses have to innovate and leverage their store networks, dark stores, pop-up warehouses, micro-fulfillment centers, and gig delivery platforms to consistently accomplish guaranteed, on-time last-mile delivery.


Ten Tips

Optimizing Your Transportation Network

Optimizing a transportation network equires an ideal combination of personnel, tools, and strategic alignment.


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